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    Hypothetical Vehicle/Ship FINAL run-off poll!

    This is the fourth and final run-off poll to the third run-off poll of 5 as yet unproduced vehicles/ships from the movies. Only vehicle and ships in the moveis were considered. There may be a poll in the future for EU vehicles and ships.

    Same rules apply as previous polls with exception that you many now vote for only up to 1 vehicle or ship. This poll will close Sunday December 10 at 4pm.

    Now here are the 2 to choose from:

    •All Terrain Tactical Enforcer (AT-TE walker)
    •sail barge

    Any registered member of SSG may vote, again you may only have ONE list in this thread. If you wish to change your list before the poll closes, please edit your first post. If there is a glitch and you can't edit your post, PM me with your new list and I will change it for you.
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    Well it came down to two powerhouses, one for each trilogy!

    The ever popular AT-TE in all it's six legged glory. We NEED a vehicle for our clones to rally around and defeat the Seperatist!

    The Sail barge an excellent choice to represent the OT. While this would no doubt be undescaled for toy release, it would make an excellent playset/vehicle combo. Plenty of room for well...rooms.

    Both have excellent play value.

    While this is a no brainer for me, still I WANT TO SEE BOTH OF THESE MADE.

    But my choice ultimately comes to the vehicle that would be bought more in quantity than the other and also has a possibility for repaints which Hasbro is want to. So I choose the AT-TE!

    Once again thanks to all who participated in any of the polls. This info, however of a small demographic of the collecting market will be forwarded onto Hasbro for them to do with what the wish.

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    Well I'm not surprised at all that it came down to these two. While an AT-TE would be awsome I'm going to have to vote for the Sail Barge.
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    AT-TE...They NEED to make this sucker.

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    This is painful. AT-TE.
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    I'm gonna vote for the AT-TE based mostly on play value. You can move the legs and make the AT-TE look like it's doing something.

    Jabba's Barge on the other hand'll just sit on a shelf and do nothing.
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    tough decision but my vote goes to the AT-TE
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    Sail Barge, even though it would be more of a playset than a vehicle.
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    AT-TE for me.

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    Sailbarge! - you can display so many different great alien sculpts and most of the heroes in action, plus one of the greatest creature / beast characters, add the two skiffs, and you've got yourself quite a scene!

    I want the AT-TE very badly, but it is an invite to repaint city - both for the vehicle, and its principal occupants.
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