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    i really like their cover of bob seger's "turn the page" - a great melodioius song turned a little harder.
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    Cover: I'd probably say Turn the Page, although Stone Cold Crazy, So What! and the Fate Medly are favorites as well.

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    Oddly, Bob Seger's "Turn the Page" has better guitar. Metallica eliminated the guitar part from Seger's version and replaced it with the sax chords played on guitar.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Caesar View Post
    I like the self titled "black album"...frankly I think people who complain about it being overplayed are big babies. Quit listening to the radio, that'll solve your problem real quick.
    It's an ok album and never really found it that great which made the overplaying that much more painful. My girlfriend is a big fan of it unfortunately so whenever one of the songs come on I can't change the station.

    album - Ride the Lightning
    Song - Wiskey in Jar
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    Ride The Lightning

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    Favorite Album : Metallica (The Black Album)

    Song : Nothing Else Matters
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