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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkArtist View Post
    And if you're really into Queen, pick up Brian May's solo album "Back to the Light."
    May as well get Roger's "Happiness?" and Brian's "Live at the Brixton Academy," too.

    Pass on the albums by The Cross (Roger's side project). Aside from an early version of "Heaven for Everyone," they suck.

    Anyone here ever heard (or heard of) Starfleet Project? This was apparently a side project from the early 80s with Brian and Eddie Van Halen. I've never been able to track any of it down, but the idea of it sounds pretty... mythic.
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    song: FLASH'S THEME
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    From what I have:
    Album - A Night at the Opera
    Song - I'm In Love With My Car

    I watched a Queen concert they had On Demand a few months ago. I really loved that version of Love of My Life, with just the guitar and vocals, but the actual album version is a little cheesy what with the harp.

    Are their later albums (post-Flash) even worth getting? The album covers all look horrendously stupid (especially A Kind of Magic). I believe a certain Mr. Flornbi would have something to say about these.
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    Flash Gordon: I think it's overrated and not very good. It's a "love it or hate it" sort of album.

    The Game: Their best 80s effort (well, after The Game, which is pre-Flash). Hammer to Fall, Radio Ga-Ga, and I Want to Break Free are the standouts.

    A Kind of Magic: When I first got into Queen, a friend described this as "basically the soundtrack to Highlander." It's those songs, some songs from Iron Eagle, and maybe one or two other songs. Not bad, but it wouldn't be at the top of my list. Kinda cheesy. But if you watch Highlander and dig the music....

    The Miracle: On several songs, they move away from the synthesizer; on others, they embrace it a bit too much. Underrated, and has a few songs that are probably the hardest rocking stuff they ever recorded.

    Innuendo: Their last album, and one of the best. Of all the ones I've listed here, I'd definitely get this one first. Freddie knew he had not long to live, and he really poured his heart and soul into this one, as did the other members.

    Made in Heaven: A postmortem album, made up of scraps from the Innuendo sessions, and a remixed song by Roger Taylor's horrid side project that had Freddie on guest vocals ("Heaven for Everyone"), The Cross, with the far more talented John Deacon and Brian May on instruments. The material's good, but the album feels spliced together and doesn't quite gel as a whole. "Let Me Live" is one of my favorite Queen songs, though, with Freddie, Brian, and Roger trading vocals. (If you ignore the rather crummy lyrics, it sounds amazing.)
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    having every Queen album including two versions of the Live Magic Tour and a copy of Queen at the Beeb, I think the later albums almost showed a new side of the band. perhaps of my favorite albums is The Miracle, and The Works. both albums stand out with great tracks and lyrics. as far as Innuendo, for me just the first few tracks I like as well as the last two perhaps on the second side. (have it on tape & CD).

    my suggestion go online to a queen website or fansite, one is bound to have the entire Queen library with clips of songs to listen to.
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    Flash Gordon: I loved the movie so that probably influences me. The album is mostly instrumental with clips from the movie thrown in.

    The Works: A very solid album probably my favorite of the ones listed here

    A Kind of Magic: This is a pretty good album dispite the fact that it is mainly a soundtrack to the Highlander.

    The Miracle: Probably the most synthsized album they did. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

    Innuendo: I agree with Chuxter that Freddie poured himself into the album as I think the rest of the band did. And I think it is probably a better tie to their older albums than most of the others. However there are a few tracks that I just don't like.

    Made in Heaven: Since this albums is built from scraps it doesn't have a very organic feel. However it was done pretty well all things considered, but it's probably my least favorite album by them.
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    Album(s): if you can't choose, pick Classic Queen vols. 1 & 2.

    Song: I vacilate between "Under Pressure" and "Radio Ga Ga."
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    I'm not looking to correct you or anything, but the titles are Queen Greatest Hits and Classic Queen.

    I only mention it because I thought it was a goofy way to title them.

    I prefer your labels.

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    Ah, but there is a Classic Queen Vol 2 in England.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Caesar View Post
    I'm not looking to correct you or anything, but the titles are Queen Greatest Hits and Classic Queen.

    I only mention it because I thought it was a goofy way to title them.

    I prefer your labels.
    Thanks for the props, Caes. I never remember which songs are on which CD, so I just call them I and II, and "Greatest Hits" is always a lame cliche' album title, ergo the "Classic" inclusion.
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