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    Quick question: Queen

    (Hey! 3 Q's!)

    Album: Night at the Opera

    Song: '39 (original studio version from the aforementioned album, with Brian on lead vocals)
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    song: Tie Your Mother Down

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    album - i'll go with a night at the opera as well.

    song - fat bottom girls, i've always loved that song since i was a wee lad.

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    I almost started this thread this morning, but I couldn't pick a song or album.

    Album: A Kind of Magic

    Song: Hammer to Fall

    I mentioned this in another thread, but is there a more depressing rock song than "The Show Must Go On"? Freddie Mercury was dying of aids as he wrote it.
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    Album: None in particular....

    Song: Fat Bottom Girls, Pressure
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    so Darth Jax and Kid Yuman like the big'uns, eh ?


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