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    New Collector of Star Wars

    I'm new to collecting Star Wars figures, but not to action figures. I've always collect GI Joe and Transformer, but my collection is very tiny. I'm wondering if the Star Wars 30th Anniversary is a good to start with?

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    YES! You are coming in at a great time in which there will be repacks of some great figures. Also, the 30th anniversary figures will mark the first time since 1985 that Star Wars figures are going to have coins! So, unlike me (due to already having some of these repacks), you are going to have a complete set of coins if you pick up all of the figures. That is really cool. Also, there are some decent vehicles slated for release if you are going to collect those too. Also, there are collector tins that feature four figures from each of the six films. You will be able to pick all of them up because you have no figures, unlike me (because some figures in those sets are repacks). This is a great time to start. Welcome and good luck!
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    Like stated above, some great figures and good repacks are due out. On the down side, ten years have got behind you(no one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun(sorry, off on a Tangent)). Some good figs in those years, but you can always submit to ebay for them.
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    Only thing I can say is patience. Eventually everything trickles out, even for an incredibly brief time. Don't feel you ever have to get it now because the way it's being designed, you'll get everything you want within a few years in the form of multi-packs, singles, and what not.

    The collector's tins are especially nice if you have the Best Buy DVD tin. The other thing is the multipacks and tins are best value per dollar spent than the basic carded figure.

    So the big question, to open or not? Cuz on Christmas day, it's always more fun to open everything up!
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    Depending upon your budget, you may consider specializing. You could focus on Original Trilogy figures, Prequel figures, army building, Vintage, "one of each figure," etc.

    Coming to SirSteve's was a wise move. You'll get lots of advice (if you want it) from collectors who've been around a long while. Star Wars collecting is a great hobby and there are some wonderful and interesting people involved. Hope you find it as rewarding as I have. Good luck, and have fun!

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    Hey, Welcome Aboard. You did pick a great time to start collecting Star Wars. with the 30th Anniversary next year there is going to be a huge mix from all 6 movies as well as expanded universe stuff. My advice would be to pace yourself, look at merchandise and then decide what you want, don't feel you have to get everything that comes out. remember enjoy them for what they are........TOYS.
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    I agree you should probably go with a theme as far as collecting. You're picking a great time to start collecting Star Wars, but so much has already passed. So if you try to "catch up," you'll find it really hard. I only started collecting again with Revenge of the Sith, so I had no illusions that I would be able to catch up. As a result, I'm not a completist, and it's actually very liberating. Of course, you can always try to fill in gaps through eBay or online stores. But there's some great action figures coming up.
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    Theme Collecting is the best route to go. Its cheaper, and funner when you do find a good piece for your collection. Personally I only collect the figs that are The Vintage Collection (Awesome figures), and alot of the Revenge of The Sith style Saga figures.

    And one word of advice never try to be a completist!!! It's not plauseable...its not fun, and honestly...its not worth it. And if it wasnt for Hasbro finally giving in and making the figures i wanted to see...Like the Vintage style line...i would have stayed gone... from the hobby.

    Another good way to collect that i enjoy is the Star Wars minatures made by Wizards of the Coast. Espically if your a customizer or army builder, or like obscure EU character like myself.

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    [quote=Sinscia Fat'o;518097]
    And one word of advice never try to be a completist!!! It's not plauseable...its not fun, and honestly...its not worth it. [quote]

    Amen to that.
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    [QUOTE=Luuuuuuke;518119][quote=Sinscia Fat'o;518097]
    And one word of advice never try to be a completist!!! It's not plauseable...its not fun, and honestly...its not worth it.

    Amen to that.
    I'm somewhat of a completist, and I enjoy it just fine. I'm not a completist in the sense that I need every figure on every card or every variation. Since I have been collecting all the figures, I can pass on some of the repacks and repaints. However, there is often something about the figure that will get me to buy it again. If I decide I don't need it in the future, I could sell it, give it away, or maybe try some customizing.

    As far as the original question goes, anytime is a good time to get into collecting. There are usually enough core characters released or re-released, and there are always new and exciting background characters. You can always go back and find an older figure online to fill out scenes or themes that you want.


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