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    Buying New POTJ Online?

    Since I'm not having much luck finding the current waves since the Luke X-wing, I'm thinking about using an online place. I've bought from a couple, but I wanted the valued opinion of my fellow SW fans.

    What online site is best for ordering the newest figures? Take into consideration that I don't want to pay an obscene amount of money per figure. I would think there's some place out in the WWW that sales them for about $7.00 each plus shipping.(I hear you people rolling on the floor w/ laughter already.)

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    Well. I happen to like Planet Action Figure, myself. They have decent prices, pack for shipping well, and are generally a good company to deal with. I have pre-ordered the exclusive vehicles from them the last few times, and they were alot cheaper then trying to hunt my stores or dealing with scalpers on E-Bay.

    They have the FX-7 wave for 39.99 plus shipping, not to bad. A better deal then you'll probably get on Ebay. And you can pre-order the Bo Shek wave for 27.00 (9.00 each) plus shipping. The also have the upcoming TIE Bomber and Crashed Snowspeeder as well as the AT-ST w/ Speederbike for pre-order. Plus right now to reduce your cost per figure, they have some of the older POTJ wave for 2.99-4.99 a piece!!

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  3. #3 isn't too bad, they charge around $7 per new figure, and I think they have right now all the newer waves, and you can usually find a fair deal on the Fan Club's store, like if you buy 2 of each to keep 1 carded and to have 1 loose, then what you could do is buy a collector grade figure and then buy the same one but a non-collector grade version. The collector grades are around $7-$8 and the non-collector grades are usually around $5-$4. They don't have the FX-7 wave though.
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    I have uesed and . I have had some good results from them and the prices are not to bad.
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    Yes, I have bought the last three waves online. I just don't have the patience anymore to go to the store and constantly look for the figs when the stores don't have them. I suggest DNStoys, Yestertoys, Aislesniper, and PlanetActionFigure.
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  6. #6 is a good one if you must have a MOMC.
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    Thanks for the suggestions. I bought FX-7, Eeth Koth & Zutton from Yestertoys. I didn't care about the mint thing so $7.00 each wasn't bad. I would've bought an Imperial Officer and Rebel Trooper but they were all gone. Maybe next time.
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    That's good. If you're looking for the Imperial Officer and Rebel Trooper try Aislesniper, they have them for $8 I think.

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    I would reccomend these four:
    3. (
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    I do 90% of all my starwars shopping online from

    their prices are pretty good.


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