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    30th Anniversary Collection Wish List

    OK - I wanted to post a thought but couldn't find a fitting spot for it. So I made this thread to give it a home. I do hope it sparks imagination and discussion.

    I was at TRU tonight and saw the Transformer "Rancor" paint ARC-170.

    "Darth Cruel! What does that have to do with Hasbro's TAC?"

    Hold on, I am getting to that.

    The regular white Transformer ARC-170 comes with a figure of the regular grey-clad pilot. The "Rancor-striped" one comes with a figure that is painted with "Rancor-stripes". But it is not a pilot. It is a clone trooper.

    "Darth Cruel! WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH 3 3/4" figures!?"

    Just this...Hasbro is supposedly coming out with the 3 3/4" scale "Rancor-striped" ARC-170 in 2007 in the TAC line. I, myself, would be beside myself stupid with excitment to find out we were getting a 3 3/4" "Rancor-striped" Clone Trooper as well.
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    Well I can't change "what is to be" typed in black, but I indicated with a " * " what and how many of each I might buy. Then I put in Red what I wished the rest of the assortment for 2007 looked like. Some figures are current rumors but they're in red because we don't have the pictures yet.

    Let's start working out the lists. From today's Q&A we already know the SIXTY 2007 figures break down like this:

    8 Ralph McQuarrie
    26 OTC figures
    13 Prequel figures
    13 EU (non-McQuarrie) figures.


    Ralph McQuarrie: *I'm not down for these, so feel free to pick yours (as with any section on this list) but I don't buy the concept figures.

    1. Concept Stormtrooper
    2. Concept Boba Fett

    Original Trilogy Figures:

    1. Han Solo Falcon Gunner
    2. Rebel Honor Guard******
    3. Biggs Darklighter in flight suit
    4. Death Star Trooper********
    5. Darth Vader (coin figure No. 1 if they count that)
    6. Luke Skywalker Yavin Ceremony
    7. Myoom O'Nith*
    8. Elris Helrot***
    9. Biggs in Academy Uniform*
    10. Herme Odel**
    11. Lando in Smuggler's Gear*
    12. CZ-3***
    13. Bom Vimdim (Mos Eisley Cantina)*****
    14. Saurin, Hrchek Kal Fas (Mos Eisley Cantina)********
    15. Brea Tonnika**
    16. Romba**
    17. Warrick**
    18. Lumat**
    19. Paploo (resculpt)**
    20. Reegesk, Ranat (Mos Eisley Cantina)****
    21. Luke Skywalker Medical Frigate Recovery (ESB)*
    22. Sgt. Doaylln (Jabba's Palace)***
    23. Woof (was vintage Klaatu, Jabba's Palace)****
    24. Treva Horme (Cloud City)***
    25. Black Bespin Guard***
    26. Wioslea (buys Luke's Landspeeder in Mos Eisley

    Prequel Trilogy Figures
    1. Rocket Blast R2D2*
    2. Airborne Clone Trooper***
    3. Super Battle Droid on fire**
    4. Galactic Marine****
    5. Mustafar Lava Miner**
    6. Mace Windu
    7. Obi-Wan Kenobi
    8. Beru Whitesun***
    9. Cliegg Lars**
    10. Owen Lars (AOTC)***
    11. Queen Amidala - purple dress, Return to Naboo TPM**
    12. Anakin Skywalker - AOTC Evolutions Figure, Single-carded********
    13. Padme Senator Amidala - Palpatine's Office AOTC**

    Expanded Universe Figures (not McQuarrie)

    1. Darth Revan
    2. Jacen Solo - Jedi Knight***
    3. Jaina Solo - Jedi Knight***
    4. Anakin Solo - Jedi Knight**
    5. Yuuzhan Vong Warrior************
    6. Nom Anor***
    7. Leia Organa-Solo, Jedi middle-aged ***
    8. Luke Skywalker - Jedi Master - middle-aged *****
    9. Admiral Palleon ***
    10. Kyp Durron - Jedi Knight ***
    11. Dathomir Nightsister - Dark Side wielder **
    12. Noghri Commando *****
    13. Talon Kaarde***

    *The EU figures I've chosen can be used with a whole pantheon of Classic Star Wars figures that are already produced and likely in your collection (such as Stormtroopers to Kir Kanos and Han Solo. There were many more I could've picked, but these interacted and that's all the space Hasbro has alloted for them this year).
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    You forgot Qui-Gon Jinn Tycho, Hasbro's confirmed him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Battle Droid View Post
    You forgot Qui-Gon Jinn Tycho, Hasbro's confirmed him.
    Groan. That's a shame actually. Not that I dislike his character. He was my favorite in TPM, but I don't need any figures of him myself. I'd pull one of the Padmes, probably the Purple Return to Naboo Queen since they make most of her figures from TPM anyway and the remainder should / could be saved for a 2008 return of the Evolutions sets with Padme as one feature.

    Anyway, the best Qui-Gon they could do was make one with a plastic Tatooine Poncho as shown on the old CommTech ads. I think the only way the figure saw release was with the Tatooine Showdown Cinema Scene, and that was a nice figure, but a wildly preposed in-action version of Qui-Gon. To me, the funeral pyre one with battle damage (read: impalement ability) would be the most useful. But a plastic robed Qui-Gon with the hood up, similar to POTJ Coco-Wan Kenobi, would also be alright.

    Alas, he'll probably just be a repack. That's fine. I don't have to buy him. I'm likely not going to be buying the majority of what they make since it's not going to be the figures on my list. (I'm not going to coin collect but I've been very polite in not expressing my opinion about that.) But I listed the characters I'm wishing for because this is a fantasy thread afterall. I just participated in it within the boundaries of what Hasbro said they'd be doing: 60 figures, broken down into the categories presented above.
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    TAC wave delayed till March '07...sounds suspiously like they're worried about all the repaint/repacks waves drowning retail losing momentum when Vader#1 & Coin Album hits. I don't buy "production delays" at all...they created this piled up Saga mess at store level.
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    Alas, he'll probably just be a repack.
    Hasbro said he'd be SA.

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    The EU characters im afriad will be more KOTOR related and not books and comics. I'd add Bastilla, Hk...whatever its name was from Knights of the Old... (The Droid), We might get to see Darth Bane to... Though thats just my fear...nothing against KOTOR but im hoping for stuff like the Vong, Tales of the Jedi, Thrawn Triology, Legacy comics (Because i to want the Twliek Sith Lord)... though what i want more than anything from this EU is a Exar Kun!!!

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    Sinscia Fat'o I have the same tastes as you it would seem. I'm not a video gamer, and thus won't really be jumping all over KOTOR figures, including even those from the comic thus far. Zayne Carrick or whatever his name doesn't seem too interesting - though his former Jedi Master is kind of cool.

    I too much prefer the TOTJ characters like Exar Kun, Ulic, Nomi, Cay, Master Arca, and I'd go so far as to include with the collection Warb Null, the Onderron Guard (Sith stormtroopers), and so forth. I also prefer the Mandalorians that fought alongside Ulic, or the latter day ones that fought with Jango, inlcuding the real Jaster Mareel and the Death Watch rivals.

    The Vong and the Thrawn Trilogy seem naturals to me, because you can still use Stormtrooper figures, or Wedge Antilles, Luke Jedi, Han Endor, Leia Dark Empire, etc. and you'd be able to recreate a lot of that EU. I read Legacy comics and am opening up to it, but it doesn't fit with the majority of our collections without a lot of characters made specifically for that line. It would be a smart marketing move for Dark Horse though, since it's a current on-going title.
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    Of those in red that you listed, Tycho, I would be most interested in the following:

    Tonnika sisters
    Owen, Beru and Cliegg
    Any Padmé figure
    Solo kids
    Talon Kaarde
    Admiral Palleon
    Kyp Duron

    As far as EU figures, I don't mind KOTOR figures. I enjoyed that game quite a bit. For books and comics, I'd like to see characters from the X-Wing books, Corran Horn in particular. Tales of the Jedi and the Zahn novels would be good sources as well.

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    26 OT figures, eh? Well we know:

    1. Han Solo Falcon Gunner
    2. Rebel Honor Guard
    3. Biggs Darklighter
    4. Death Star Trooper
    6. Luke Skywalker Yavin Ceremony says waves 3 and 4 are:
    7. Miiyoom Onith
    8. Elis Helrot
    10. Luke (w/moisture evaporator)
    13. Umpass-Stay
    14. LUKE JEDI (new)
    15. CZ-3

    Assuming that is true, my list would be:
    16. Hermi Odle
    17. Yarna
    18. Bom Vimdin
    19. Ewok 2 pack
    20. Sgt. Doallyan
    21. BG-J38
    22. Toryn Farr
    23. Hoth Rebel Troop (bearded non-bearded variation)
    24. 2-1B resculpt
    25. Bespin Guard (black and white w/beard variation)
    26. Capt Piett resculpt

    I would be willing to swap the Piett for a Gammorean Guard resculpt.
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