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    Wink Looks like HOTH 'round here!

    I dunno about you guys, but I sure get into the mood to break out the AT-AT's and bantha's right about now. Our airport's been closed since this morning, highways are closed, the National Guard's out in their big-ole whatever those things are to take supplies to DIA for the thousands stranded there, and Ken's making beer. I guess that's what makes him essential personnel at Coors. We didn't get mail delivery today and an eastern suburb of Aurora was officially non-mail capable - they couldn't even get the mail in. Apparently, 12K employees showed up throughout the Denver area and were later told to return to their pickup areas and go home.

    Well, thank Yoda for the power of the force (Excel Energy) and tv, dvd's, vhs tapes and pc's! WHEW! Almost thought we were gonna hafta rough it. I've really been enjoying Firefox - thanks for the recommendation from Jedi-Tricks and fellow SSG's wondermen!!

    It's really treacherous down r2Dee2's neck of the State. They usually get really bad stuff when we get it bad here.

    Guess I'll say g'nite guys. Weather-permitting - and it should - Mom, Ken, Lance n Liam and me will be taking Christmas stuff-wreath, pinebough spray, etc. to [FONT=Verdana]Jéan‘s[/FONT] grave this weekend.

    Stay warm, y'all


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    When I heard that the office was closed due to the weather, I thought "Great! I'll just go see Rocky Balboa!" so I huffed it up the street trudging through snow up to my knees only to get to the theater and they were CLOSED! So no Rocky Balboa on opening day! I am totally bummed.

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    Talking Dude?!? R U in Mile Hi too?

    I'm gonna ZZzzzzzzzzzzz - I'm up for pre-dawn shovelling so Ken can actually get INTO the driveway and house tomorrow morning.

    Think WARM thoughts! Ooooooooooooooooo, hey, I just had an image of Rocky trying to get up the steps to the Denver City & County Bldg now ! Gotta SLIDE nowwwwwwwwwwwww, g'nite -I'm gonna hang up now


    Well, we KINDA have steps
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    and taking a look at weather around the nation, Los Angeles had highs of 62 degrees today

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    Cool 60's?!?!?!?!?

    Okay, make me drool . Ken just got home - I had no idea there was an invisible snow 'plow' on his Jeep Rio Grande (like the old Army model). He says it's how he got going at work (parked next to the malthouse instead of the 1/4-mile away lot. Well, now that mah CHILE is home, I'm gonna cool off (from shoveling-sweatin' like a hog ). We're staying home today!

    Is it true it never rains in California?



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    We got the same storm down here in the Duke City (Albuquerque) This doesn't happen very often. I wish it would happen more. It'll be melted in a day or so.

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    Let it stop, let it stop, let it stop, Blue2th

    Yup, I hear ya! My sister's in Santa Fe and they're pretty much inside, as well. Dunno how serious. Spoke w/her Wednesday morning. Stay warm. Yes, I agree, it's wayyyyyyyyyyyy too dry to miss any opportunity for the moisture. Ours is supposed to end between noon and 4PM today.

    Is this the weather blog? Sorry 'bout the segue


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    We had a pretty nice covering at the beginning of this month, though now we've only had chilly rain. On a warming note I got your card, VT-mom, thanks very much it was nice.
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    Heyyyyyyyyyyy, a PERFESHUNAL snow driver!!!

    I've always maintained the OK drivers are the snow-pros - y'all get blizzards across those PLAINS! You're most welcome, LT. I'd have sent more, but have no mailing addresses for many, including Jedi-Tricks, for whom I have MUY MUCH warm greetings. I'm gonna find some e-cards for the rest of y'all, okay?


    Okay, where's the snowblower?? Oh, uh, I forgot - - we don't have one.


    Geez, y'all are such gennemen! I finally realized I was talking about a Taun-Taun not a Bantha.
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    don't worry VT Mom,
    Banthas have been known to trudge around in the snow from time to time as well.


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