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    The man was sheer brilliance, when they say he was the hardest working man in show business, they weren't kidding. His impact won't be lost on music in our childrens' childrens' lifetimes (sorry Little Richard, I know James Brown credits you with kick-starting it all, but Soul Brother Number One is the one whose reach can best be pointed to, that's why he's the Godfather of Soul and you're an incomprehensible judge on Fox's "Celebrity 'Who Wants to Gargle Some Mouthwash?'".) His death shocked me a little, I expected him to go on indefinitely just to spite the establishment.

    However, JB's horse-drawn golden casket being driven to the Apollo theater today was a might creepy.
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    I'm still a bit shocked too, man, and I agree with JT, I somehow always just imagined James couldn't pass away. When I turned on my radio on x-mas morning, the first item on the first news break was this, and it pretty much ruined the day- not cos I was so much crippled, but I could NOT shake the sense of disbelief.

    In my earlier years, I picked up this compilation called "James Brown Solid Gold" and I swear I went through 3 copies in under a year cos the damn thing SMOKED.

    And for the almost in poor taste part of my post, I think being the crafty fellow that he was, I think James first words on arriving in the afterlife were most likely "Can I take it one more time from the top?? HUNHH!!!"
    Something about him reminds me of my older brother, Rex.

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    I'm watching the Rose Bowl, and someone behind the USC QB's parents looks a lot like James Brown.

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    "too hot in the hot tub !"

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    I heard about this a few days ago. I was pretty shocked. It was highlighted to me all the more since earlier that evening I was singing "I Feel Good" with my girlfriend. The man had some issues but he will always be the Grandfather of Soul.
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