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    Do you think Dog the Bounty Hunter could have caught Han Solo?

    Do you think Dog the Bounty Hunter could have tracked down and captured Han Solo (assuming he had access to a spaceship and the right technology)?


    Where the heck does Tycho come up with these topics?!
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    Yes. But Solo would blast him. Ask Greedo, Han isnt a punk.
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    This is the funniest god****ed thread topic I've seen in a while.

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    Yes Dog could catch Han. He's just the kind of scum and villiany a bounty hunter should be. Though after being treated like poo-doo by the Empire he was working for, and doing the job they couldn't do, then being punished with extradition by the Banking Clan, he might end up working for the Rebellion someday.

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    With that mullet, black jeans and cowboy boots Dog would have given 2-1B a run for his money!

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    No. Han Solo is a fictional character.
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    So is Dog, RB - have you seen that hair? Have you seen that tan?

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    He could catch Han, even Greedo caught Han. But Han would shoot first.
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    Dog isn't fit to tie Dengar's bandages.

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    Yes, Dog the Bounty Hunter could have tracked down Han Solo. But then he would have been arrested by the local authorities in Mos Eisley and thrown into a Mos Eisleycan jail.
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