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    R2-Dtater where are you?!!!!

    Has anyone seen this guy on store shelves anywhere other than Costco (I don't have one close by)? It drives me nuts!! I hate ordering on line and that's the only other place I've seen him!!
    Wanted; loose or sealed
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    Hasbro said it would be a limited release. You probably won't find it on the shelves anywhere. Better order online.
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    I got him through hasbrotoyshop, but that was about six months ago. I'd give in to the Dark Side and order online from anyone who has him at a reasonable price, because Hasbro really made sweet love to the proverbial puppy with this one.
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    I never saw at retail...and I didn't jump fast enough when I saw it at they're gone.
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    The only time I have seen him at retail was in that collector's set with both the Darth Tater and Spud Trooper. Ordered mine at
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    I've seen loads here in the uk. someone got me one for xmas. Not something I'd have bought for myself but it looks alright on a shelf. have to say the plastic potato looks more like a giant hens egg but meh, who wants a real potato going mouldy and rancid?

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    I got mine at Costco but I've been looking at EVERY retail shelf and found nothing. Though I've heard of other people finding him here and there.
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    Never saw it on the shelf, but on Dec 3, I posted a link to get one fairly cheap online, but they're out of stock now.
    I'm not a fan of ordering online either, but it was the only was to get one.
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