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    What do you think now?

    I was kind of curious about those of you who originally didn't like the TAV packaging when it came out. Now that we've had a chance to see pictures of the figures on cards, has your opinion changed for the better, or do you still dislike them?

    I have to admit that the packaging is growing on me, but not enough to get me to buy one carded and one opener like I had been with TSC. I really like the Rebel Honor Guard and McQuarrie Stormtrooper packaging. In your opinion, is there one that really stands out at this point?

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    I really hated it when I first saw it, but it's also growing on me. I'm still not a fan of the airbrushed/photoshopped/painted pictures of the characters, and I'll probably have to wait until I actually get the figures to pass final judgment, but it's not quite as horrible as I first thought. I like how two of the upcoming figures are blacked out on the back of the card, just like in the vintage days.
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    I havent seen the cards in person so I wont pass judgement just yet. The boxes for the vehicles and such look pretty good.
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    I originally absolutely completely freaking hated the design, though it was downright horrid.

    But seeing the figures mounted on it and the varying colorschemes has made it really grow on me. I actually can't wait to mount a complete collection on my wall now.
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    Eh, my figures will all be freed of their cardboard prisons, so I don't care. Easily damaged cards may mean it's easier for me to find stuff, since the MOMC collectors will have to be pickier.
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    I started out liking it a lot, but not seeing it as "Star Warsy" enough. But now, through mental conditioning, I am accepting the design as being associated with Star Wars. But that is not because it is, it is because the lack of choice is forcing me to accept it.

    As long as the cards fit into the 6" x 9" protective cases...I will be OK with it. I see it as a phase of collecting that will be looked on fondly later like the memory of that proverbial one-eyed, one-eared, three legged, neutered dog with half a tail (named Lucky) that a person keeps a picture of after it has died because the person pitied the dog because all of it's misfortune was not it's own fault.

    30 years from now I'll be thinking "Poor little action figure cards. It wasn't very nice of Hasbro to do that to you, now was it? There, There, I still think fondly of you despite how inappropriate you are".
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    It's fine, but it's not flashy enough to get me to buy any repacks next year. I'll still get all the new ones though. Since I'm a MOC collector, except for titaniums and vehicles, I've bought several figures multiple times just for the new packaging. The greatest hits this year is a good example. These just don't "do it" for me though.

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    At first, I wasn't crazy about it. Thought it was too "Transformers Energon", and the Lava Miner card, being the first we saw, had the horrible Mustafar background like every ROTS card. Like others, I was sick of the red-n-orange-n-black ROTS scheme!

    The later photos of Wave 1 sold me, and Wave 2 made it official: these cards rock. They're funky, but they have a lot of info, a lot of variety, and so far some good artwork (Biggs in particular is nice; DS Trooper and Rebel Guard are cool, but too obvious in their use of the same General Veers photo as the source material for both; would've been better to use another photo or simply not have the figures in the same wave). The McConcept series cards look especially nice -- on the front. If they've all got McQuarrie's photo on the back, not so much. I'd prefer more concept art of the character. I really love the 'blueprint' logo on the series, too.

    Of the 'modern' cards, these are probably my favorites (modern meaning 'not inspired by vintage', thus excluding TSC and OTC and the V-lines). Good balance of space for figures & accessories, photos, and movie info. I love the 'classic' look of OTC & TSC, but I'll take the new TAC over POTF2, POTJ, TPM, Saga, and ROTS any day.

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    If it's easier to tear open, then it's awesome.
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    I don't care for them at all, not Star Warsy, overly busy, they look like they'll be bent up real bad pretty quick. Yet they're not QUITE as much an eyesore as they first were, although seeing how small the bubble is on these is lame (and the card looks wider too, complicated) so I hate them again.
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