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    Hasbro, I'm serious here: You're in trouble

    Please, Hasbro, stop releasing crap.

    I can't put it any more clearly. We want stuff from the movies, maybe some EU stuff, and we don't like to re-purchase expensive items to get new figures.

    We don't want jungle-camo Battle Droids. We want Pilot Battle Droids.

    We don't want Han Solo in Neon Blue Stormtrooper Disguise. We want plain old Han in Stormtrooper Disguise.

    We don't want reissues of Clonetroopers in every color scheme imaginable, and we don't want every OT army builder reissued with Temeura Morrison's head. Just give us a Biker Scout who can ride his bike, and who doesn't look like he's telling his master plan to a captive James Bond.

    We don't want the cheap-o Snowspeeder for a third time to get the Zev Senesca figure. I really, really would've liked to have had that character in my collection. I'm not willing to buy a third Snowspeeder for $30 to get him, when I have two others in storage.

    You know what? You can say that these gimmicks are for kids. And maybe they work on the young and impressionable.

    You can say that 50% of your buyers are kids. And you may be right.

    But kids don't buy every single item just to have them. Kids don't have as much disposable income to spend on little plastic men as adult collectors do. And you know it. (At least, I hope you know it. If not, you're riding a short bus to work.)

    Bottom line: We're sick of the crap. You've chased some completists from the hobby already, and many more of us have been broken of our completism.

    From the last three waves of the TSC line, you know how many figures I want? TWO. Because I'm sick of clones, but I'm still a sucker for astromechs.

    You need to stop treating Clonetroopers the way you treated Batman before you totally blew that license to hell. We know you're capable of amazing action figures, and when the line's not allowed to stagnate or step backwards, the quality constantly improves.

    But, please, come on! Give us little things we want, like Yarna or a properly-scaled Grievous or an AT-TE, instead of pink and plaid and tie-dyed Clonetroopers!

    Like it or not, the adult collectors are what sustained this line from 1995 to 1998, and during a few dry spells since then. If you want to get the most out of the line, make us happy. Don't save a few pennies on a mold because you can release a Clonetrooper with a happy face on his chest or some such crap.

    Again, many formerly hardcore collectors are gone. And many more, myself included, are fed up and considering going that route ourselves.
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    Well said, Chux.

    I don't anticipate new waves/new lines like I used to. I bought two figures from the last wave that arrived in this part of the country. I dread going to the store to look at peg warmers. In fact, I don't go solely to look for figures anymore. If I'm already at Wally*World, etc., I'll look, but that's it.

    Do a little SERIOUS market research now and then.
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    I for one am getting sick of the reissues myself. I do like the clones, but wont buy them in an abunance as I once did. Right now the local store just packed out 400 figures from the H&V wave. Thats right 4 freakin hundred of them. They are on an endcap right now and clogging pegs. Do some more research Hasbro and see that this brighjt idea of two seperate lines is working. Maybe, just maybe if you still had reps go in to the stores, you would see this debacle. They havent packed out anything for the last 3 waves because of these hemrrhoids of life on the shelves. Get a clue, give us new figures that will sell.
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    I'm quitting on clones after the Kashyyyk trooper, Galactic Marine, Airborne Trooper, and the Neyo pack, since those are the last of the ROTS clones. I'm tired of the EU clones. Heck, just clones in general. The Jango heads on OT troops are bogus too. And regarding TSC waves 8 and 9,it really mirrors the final 12 ROTS figures in 2005. Just a bunch of repaints. Hasbro really slacks off at the end of the business year, don't they? Thankfully, the 30th Anniversary figures look very promising. To me, at least.
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    The new figures do look pretty good, granted.

    But do we need a different colored Starfighter for every Jedi? When do we get a hot pink one for Aayla, or one that looks like it's covered with poop for Oppo Rancisis?
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    Amen. I can put up with a little Expanded Universe, but I'm getting sick of the Made up Universe. Especially when there are so many characters that could be done even as repaints that were IN the movies that have not been done yet. Let's cover all the bases before we go off in La-La land. It IS getting rediculous. We can only hope Hasbro hasn't done the Pilot Battledroid etc. because they are waiting to blow us away with an SA sculpt. Uh huh.

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    Let me be the spoiler to this thread for a moment, then you can get back to your complaining...

    I'll agree that the" made-up" universe stuff isn't so needed. But to remind everyone, this is ALL made-up. Hasbro is in the business of selling toys and they feel they can get the most for their money with reissues and repaints.

    As to the umpteeth clone, I'll agree that it's a bit overboard, but the one point to note is that this is Star Wars we're talking about. War, you know with many troops/grunts/etc.

    Yes, I'll agree that the "jungle" camoflauge battle Droids and Super Battle droids are over the top. So let them know how you feel with your wallets and don't buy them. I've got two sets of the Battle droid and one Super, and that's it. When and if Hasbro rereleases these in the correct color, ie tan or ruddy red, I'll buy more.

    we can all poo-poo about how we're not getting the figures we want. But truth be told, we ARE. Just not as fast as we'd like. Or rather, as fast as we've become accustomed too. We've become spoiled fellas. Please take a step back and realize that. I point to the vintage line. Roughly 100 different figs. That's it! Repaints and reissues aside, we are still getting several new figures each year.I'd have to guess but say at least 25-35 figs are new ones, or sensible repaints to make unique characters. We will be getting at least this many again in 2007.

    You're not forced to buy everything, so don't buy what you want and leave the rest. Instead of jonesin for the next wave, think about what you are goign t do with all of these figures (and do it). Are you hanging them up on a wall, packing them away, making dioramas for them to go into? Use the time between waves to your advantage. I think way to many of us are just collecting without giving much thought to the future of our collections when it's "over."

    Admittedly, I won't be going as hog-wild on troops anymore, (well after the Galactic Marine, Airborne trooper and Kashyyyk Clone-and the SA 501st...). But I had made that decision some time ago.

    I promised myself to stop collecting at 40 and that's only a few months shy of 3 years away. I've also decided that 2007 is my last big year for collecting. I don't just see where there are THAT many figures I'm going to desire that heavily that I just HAVE to have them.

    With exception to Padme, nearly every rendition of every major character has been done. (yes, I know not all, however no lists are needed to point out which ones). I certainly don't need to have every background cantina alien. If they are made, of course I'll get them, but if no more where ever done, I'd be rather satisfied. Enough have been done and with just a few customs I can make the rest. Yes, I know that's not for everyone and I see your point of wanting them quicker and easier to get, rather than customizing or paying for a custom figure. I don't need Padme's family, nor even the Outlander club aliens. (Again I'd buy them as there were some cool ones-but without a playset, it would be rather useless.)

    While I'm planning on making many dioramas of varying size for SW scenes, I can deal with it, if some aren't as "fleshed" out as others with figures.

    So to try to summarize this. Go ahead and complain, but this is Hasbro's business model for this line. There is such a diversity of collectors out there, that one man's junk IS another's treasure. (It's one reason I ask for help with army builder, because I know many of you are sick of seeing them and if by helping me you can get rid of some figures in your area to make room for new, all the more better for everyone. Right?)

    Anyway. Don't sweat my post fellas, I'm just trying to play devils advocate and maybe slow down the ill emotions here. These are just toys. We have just about everyone we could possibly want (yes with some notable exceptions).

    Just try and take it easy and enjoy the ride. For you never know when that's going to come to an abrupt stop.

    Move along, move along

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    I agree with Sal. Hasbro's deal is to make money and push product. True they would make even more money if they gave everyone what they wanted but it's just not going to happen. My stand is this, buy what you want, leave the rest or quit.
    as far as repaints and repacks, yes i to am sick of the how many times we need to see a Luke, Leia, Han on new cards theme, or a camo snowtrooper, or bright pink battledroid but no one is forcing anyone to buy them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkArtist View Post
    ...but no one is forcing anyone to buy them.
    And that's the problem - at least in this part of the country. The pegs are clogged with unwanted figures.
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    Quote Originally Posted by El Chuxter View Post
    The new figures do look pretty good, granted.

    But do we need a different colored Starfighter for every Jedi? When do we get a hot pink one for Aayla, or one that looks like it's covered with poop for Oppo Rancisis?
    That's another reason why many completists stopped being completists. Those starfighters are a waste.
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