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    Anybody heard anything about the upcoming Vintage assortment for 2007? Or is it a bit early to expect early production images?

    I am eagerly awaiting pictures of the Snowtrooper from this wave. Who else is "confirmed," aside from Bespin Luke Skywalker?

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    In a recent Q&A, Hasbro said they were saving the line-up and pictures for Toy Fair.
    But, someone on another site had a rumored list. I believe IG-88, Bossk, and some form of Han and Leia were on it. At some point, Hasbro said that Jawas were not going to be done vintage style in 07.
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    so far the only confirmed figure is the Luke in Bespin Fatigues, but I am hoping that the rest of the figures will be released during Toy Fair. here's hoping.
    from what the rumor boards list, there is a Leia Endor Battle Gear, Imperial Snowtrooper, Luke Bespin, IG-88, Han Solo
    Looking for CW 2010 Sidious and TX-20...if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated. thanks

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    I'm excited about the possibility of a SA, soft-goods Snowtrooper. It'll be nice to have a Snowtrooper figure that can actually kneel down.

    The Bespin Luke would be fine, as long as he's not battle damaged (he wore that outfit through most of the movie without looking like he had just got hit by a truck, so we do need a non-battle damaged version). I had really kind of hoped that we would see an SA Jedi Luke this year though.

    Bespin Han Solo, this would be only a minor improvement over the POTJ Han Solo, so I'm not too excited about it (it doesn't help that it's his most generic outfit of the entire saga). Plus, I really hope they don't try something stupid, like giving him a felt coat (like they did with the VTSC Greedo). I would actually prefer this to be a Hoth Han Solo, so the Snowtrooper will have someone to pick a fight with.

    Endor Leia, she does need to be made, since we haven't seen a new version of this figure in almost ten years. And I hope they give her at least the same number of accessories as the vintage figure. I'd probably be more excited about her if there was some kind of confirmation that we really are going to see some Chief Chirpa quality Ewoks in 2007.

    Bossk, awesome! I'm really excited about the idea of a SA Bossk. The Saga version was a definite improvement in the sculpt but was stuck in a stupid pose and could barely hold his gun in his hand (if you breathed too hard within five feet of the figure, it would fall out). So I'm looking forward to a definitive version of Bossk.

    IG-88, I don't know what they can do to improve the POTJ version.... at all.
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    According to rumours.....

    Basic Vintage:

    87308 Bossk
    87307 Han Solo (Bespin Outfit)
    87309 IG-88
    87305 Imperial Stormtrooper (Hoth Battle Gear)
    ?????? Jawa (light-up eyes)
    87306 Luke Skywalker (Bespin Fatigues)
    87304 Princess Leia Organa (Endor Battle Gear)

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    And as stated above, we won't get the Jawa. He is, however, being released in the basic line with a LIN Droid; I doubt he has light-up eyes, but he'll probably have those retarded ones that they've had before.

    Bossk - really? There have been two versions of him already, and he didn't do anything except stand there and growl. I understand he's a cool character but enough is enough.

    Han Solo - this could be good. Hopefully for this third vintage Han we'll actually get an all-new sculpt, with a better holster that's attached to his hip (like Garindan).

    IG-88 - kind of like Bossk . . . this one will undoubtedly look exactly like the POTJ one and have extra articulation that nobody needs.

    Snowtrooper - if it's done as well as the Stormtrooper and Biker Scout, this should be amazing. Hopefully it's all-new.

    Luke Skywalker - I'm looking forward to this. I hope it's better than the weird-necked X-wing Pilot.

    Princess Leia - it's about time for a new one. She'll look good with the recent Endor Luke.
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    there's not a single one I want there. Bespin is my least favourite location in the SW galaxy, followed by Hoth. ESB is a good movie in terms of action, plot, acting but i hate the look of it. it's all really dated and locked into 1980's design styles. even the colour pallete (sp?).
    I've been quite unimpressed with the choices for the vintage assortments. and yes, those chinless heads need to go. either normal rotation or make the base of the neck ball jointed. the top of the neck ball jointed just looks bizarre.

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    Bossk is a stupid, stupid idea, but so was Greedo, and we got that one. So I, sadly, don't doubt Bossk is likely.
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    I like Bossk but can't hasbro see that he just does not sell. the unleashed didn't sell, the titaniums are still rotting on the shelves...

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    Quote Originally Posted by figrin bran View Post
    I like Bossk but can't hasbro see that he just does not sell. the unleashed didn't sell, the titaniums are still rotting on the shelves...
    If I recall the POTF2 figure was something of a pegwarmer also.

    While I do like Bossk, I think I can only take him in small doses. I remember when Hasbro released the Unleashed figure and Gentle Giant released the mini-bust and it seemed like everyone had their fill of Bossk just a few weeks before either of those items came out.

    I saw the Unleashed Bossk in stores for months and held out as the price dropped lower and lower, eventually I found him for $4.75 at Hastings (a regional equivalent of Barnes & Noble).

    The Titanium Figure series is just crap overall, why would someone want to pay $15-$20 for a 4" statue? They already put the Bossk figure on clearance here once, but no one is biting. I don't even think I'd pay $3 for that tiny, inarticulate piece of crap.
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