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    Hattiesburg finds

    Hi guys, just got back from a trip to Hattiesburg.

    TRU had ZILCH. Rows of Saga Vader's. No new Titanium, either.

    Target had rich pickings. I found most of Saga Wave 8, and only bought 1 R5-J2, leaving another on the pegs. There were several Seige Battalion troopers, the green Ep.2 clone sergeant, 1 of the Battle Droid pairs, and (strangely) a healthy number of Tatooine Luke's and Sandtroopers. There were no 5th Fleet Security clones or Kit Fisto's, though. There was also 1 Hailfire Droid and 1 Trade Federation tank, but no Vader Starfighters.

    WM on 98 west had a massive stack of Cantina tins on clearance for $15. Not much else of interest there, though.

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    Hattiesburg Target has an endcap nearly full of the Ambush on Illum and Betrayal on Felucia battle packs. I did not buy any, leaving at least a dozen of each. There was no sign of Wave 9, just the ghost of Wave 8. I picked up Mace's Starfighter, leaving 1 on the shelf along with Anakin's, Obi-Wan's, and a Droid Tri-Fighter. There was the new Titanium wave with the red TIE Interceptor. (I did not buy any of those, either.) Not much else, though... no sign of Saesee Tiin's Starfighter or the white TIE Fighter vehicles.

    WM on 98 West had little of interest... hardly any basic figures, no sign of Waves 8, 9, or the exclusive WM wave. Had a couple of Starfighters, but not Vader's.

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    Target has 2 white TIE's. I bought the only Saesee Tiin starfighter they had left yesterday. No TAC figures on the pegs there. They still have several of the Ambush on Illum and Betrayal on Felucia Battle Packs left, though they are in the SW section now and not on a back endcap as before. Plenty of Titanium ships to be had.

    TRU did have a Saesee Tiin fighter, but their prices for those ships are $5 higher than Target's. They had some remnants of Saga Waves 8 and 9 on the pegs, though no Elite Corps or Appo's. There were several Dagobah X-Wings, and they had plenty of Titanium ships, as well as some of the Unleashed minis line. No TAC figures there, either.

    I did not go to either the 98 West or Hwy. 49 Wal-Marts.


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