Hi guys, just got back from a trip to Hattiesburg.

TRU had ZILCH. Rows of Saga Vader's. No new Titanium, either.

Target had rich pickings. I found most of Saga Wave 8, and only bought 1 R5-J2, leaving another on the pegs. There were several Seige Battalion troopers, the green Ep.2 clone sergeant, 1 of the Battle Droid pairs, and (strangely) a healthy number of Tatooine Luke's and Sandtroopers. There were no 5th Fleet Security clones or Kit Fisto's, though. There was also 1 Hailfire Droid and 1 Trade Federation tank, but no Vader Starfighters.

WM on 98 west had a massive stack of Cantina tins on clearance for $15. Not much else of interest there, though.