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    30th Anniversary Figure

    was just thinking that since 5/25/07 will mark the official 30th Anniversary of Star Wars Episode IV I was wondering if Hasbro is going to release some type of exclusive figure to commerate it somehow. perhaps as a exclusive or even a exclusive. what are your thoughts ????

    I can only hope that if such a figure or product is made that it is not another useless re-pack or re-has or 500th Vader or something. what would really be a great idea is if Hasbro finally gave into our hopes and requests and gave us a George Lucas Director figure with director's chair, script, and camera accessory. that would be cool.
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    That would be cool. Or make a multi-figure set with Lucas as Director, Little Kenny Baker inside the R2 unit with the dome off, and Anthony Daniels head on C-3PO.

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    Well we're getting an entire toy line commemorating the 30th anniversary.

    Do people really want a George Lucas figure in the director's chair? Wow, I heard about this years ago and thought it was a joke.

    Honestly I don't know of any one figure that Hasbro could make to celebrate the 30th anniversary of ANH. Luke, Vader, Han, Leia, Threepio, Artoo, Chewie, Ben, Stormtrooper.... we've seen so many versions of these, there's nothing Hasbro could do different.

    Eh, maybe Director Lucas is really all we're left with. I would never buy it, but whatever.
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    frankly if any behind the scenes figures are made it should be the designers. the fx team. the modellers and prop builders. sure George's name is right up there but without his team he'd be a nobody.

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    LMAO!!! Don't forget to put a dollar bill in the hand of the first version, a few hundred dollar bills in the second version, and two bags of money (with $$ on the bags) as accessories with the third version of Lucas.
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    Would Rick McCallum be included as an accessory for the third figure?
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    I figured that was why we were getting the McQuarrie figure to comemorate the beginning of the Saga.
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    Quote Originally Posted by El Chuxter View Post
    Would Rick McCallum be included as an accessory for the third figure?
    McCallum would be an exclusive. You can only get him through Kebco...
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    Quote Originally Posted by El Chuxter View Post
    Would Rick McCallum be included as an accessory for the third figure?
    Yeah, and he fits snuggly in George's @$$.
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