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    One word: JAXXON!!

    So you're producing comic two-packs, starting with the old Marvel comics. That's a pretty cool idea, but where's the single most iconic character from Marvel's tenure on Star Wars?

    I'm talking of course about Jaxxon, everyone's favorite 7-foot tall carnivorous green rabbit in a spacesuit.

    Please stop laughing. I am absolutely, 100% serious here.

    Yes, Jaxxon is absolutely ridiculous. He's one of the silliest ideas, if not the silliest idea, to ever come out of Star Wars. He makes the Holiday Special look like a good idea. (Okay, maybe not, but he certainly seems a little goofier than the singing Bea Arthur bit, at least.)

    In a word, Jaxxon is a joke.

    But he is our joke.

    We all know Jaxxon is absurd. But he's become something of a mascot in his absurdity. More than Teek, more than Kit Fisto, more than Ackmeena, he's the sort of character that no one wants to admit they like, but everyone does. Even if they only like to make fun of him.

    You may ask yourself, "Why would we make a totally new mold for this giant green rabbit?" And it is a valid question to ask.

    But among adult collectors who are fed up with rehashes, EU haters, and even kids (you can't tell me there's no little boy who wouldn't go Wookiee-poop over a giant green rabbit in a spacesuit), he seems like he'd be a strong seller. Maybe not Ephant Mon or Ree Yees hot, but I think we'd all rather have Jaxxon than a neon blue Darth Vader packed with an orange and green Rebel Trooper?

    I think you could even get away with packing him with that Cantina Han Solo you're so bloody fond of. I really do.

    If nothing else, maybe make him an exclusive of some sort?

    Please give this some thought. As stupid as the idea sounds, I guarantee you it would work.
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    I'm glad I didn't read comic books much:

    Yo momma. That's right, I said "yo momma".

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    I would SO totally buy a Jaxxon figure. Man, I used to love seeing him in the comics.

    Though I'd much rather prefer a realistic version, like this one:

    Still if you're going to do a comic version then perhaps this for a two pack:

    Regardless, I'd get one.

    Yeah, it's quirky, but dang, those other Marvel 2-packs are quirky. I mean really, a Tarkin that looks like a commander of Hydra?
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    this would be an interesting fill-in character for a Jabba's Palace or the Cantina. might get one only if it looks good.
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    I would definately buy one. I think the best way to do this would be for next years Comic Con exlcusive. Look at some of the crap shoveled our way because it was an exclusive figure. This would easily beat half of those figures.
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    F*k it, I would buy one and have him fight BoShek
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kidhuman View Post
    F*k it, I would buy one and have him fight BoShek
    The sideburn against the side...ears
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    i'm the only one thus far but i wouldn't buy this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kidhuman View Post
    F*k it, I would buy one and have him fight BoShek
    F*k it, I would buy one and have him f*k BoShek
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    Oh... I thought this thread was about the game Zaxxon.


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