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    Top seven figures you want that Hasbro will probably never make

    Figures that you would like to see, no matter how seemingly ridiculous, that it's unlikely Hasbro will ever make.

    Why seven instead of five or ten? Why not?

    The only rule is that they actually have to be from the film or some official EU source.

    7) Noa. Two words: Wilfred Brimley. Because it's the right thing to do. Right now, the Star Wars line is prejudiced against characters with glasses, and the only way to correct this injustice is to produce the only character who wears them!

    6) Kit Fisto: Geonosis Arena. A neutrally-posed, super-articulated figure of Kit in his AOTC robes (and with the darker AOTC head and hands). What makes this different, and unlikely? Prominently featured on his green head is a Mighty GrinTM. If it can be an action feature that makes him go from stoic to jolly without messing up the figure, all the better!

    5) Ackmeena: The night bartender at Chalmun's Cantina in Mos Eisley. Nothing especially unusual, just an older woman in the typical nondescript Tatooine rags. But unlike most of the characters, she has the burning desire to sing! Plus, how frigging cool would a Bea Arthur action figure be? I can just envision the TSC-style bio info now: "Clears the bar with: Her singing."

    4) Lando Calrissian: Smuggler. Lando in Han's duds from the end of ESB. Even if it's just a simple head swap, you know as well as I do that Hasbro's never going to make him.

    3) Jaxxon: I started a whole thread about him in Dear Hasbro. Next to Smuggler Lando, he's probably the most likely to sell. He's stupid, he's corny, he's absolutely ridiculous. But you know you'd buy him just to say you had a figure of a giant green carnivorous rabbit in a spacesuit.

    2) Senator Grebleips: He has a prominent cameo in The Phantom Menace, and has appeared in novels and since then. But he is the film character (from the six main movies) who is the least likely to ever see the light of day. Why? Because he is based on a character design from another popular film, which happens to be owned by another company. If you don't know who he is, spell his name backwards. If you still don't, ask here and I (or someone else) will tell you.

    1) Teek: The true hero of the saga. If not for the fleet-footed heroics of this little, um, rat-looking thing, Wicket and the other Ewoks of Bright Tree Village would have perished at the hands of the Marauders, and the Rebels would've been totally screwed, as they wouldn't find the backdoor to the bunker and would've come face-to-face with a legion of the Emperor's best troops. And then they would've died, and the shield wouldn't have been knocked down, and the entire Alliance would die fighting the Death Star, and Luke probably would've been so ticked off that he'd go Darkside and kill Vader and become Darth Whiner, and the entire ending of the series would be a downer. You wouldn't want that, would you?
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    Since I don't read the comics and I refuse to watch the Ewok movies and Holiday Special, my list will be almost completely different from Chux's

    7) Black Guard in Jabba's Palace: I'm sure in some part of the Star Wars world, someone gave him a name and a story.

    6) White Skiff Guard: He get's tossed in the pit.

    5) Any one of the background Spacers from the Cantina.

    4) Lando Calrissian: Smuggler. Because....I don't know.

    3) Garouf Lafoe (dude who snitches on Ben and Luke to the Imperials)

    1 & 2) Tonnika sisters

    ***I'd like to thank Mr. Daddypants for making this post, otherwise, I wouldn't have known the names of any of these characters.
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    -Kyle Katarn from Jedi Knight
    -SA Rebel Fleet Trooper
    -SA Naboo Security Guard
    -SA Naboo Royal Guard
    -Decent Hoth Han
    -Female Rebel sniper from Battlefront
    -Green AOTC Clone Trooper with jetpack from Battlefront
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    1. Yarna d'al Gargan
    2. Tonnika 1
    3. Tonnika 2
    4. Young Owen Lars
    5. Young Beru Lars
    6. Clieg Lars
    7. Queen of Adleraan

    Also: Minister that married Padme and Anakin, Jabba's guard that shot Luke, Queen Jamilla, Jocasta Nu, Episode III Naboo Queen, Dorme, Corde, Kitster, Wald.

    Notice that almost all of these figures are female characters?

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    Gossam Commando
    Koorivar Fussiler
    ROTS Nute Gunray
    ROTS Rune Haako
    Tey How
    Daultay Dofine
    Rogwa Wodrata

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    Tatooine Luke... Darth Vader... They're the only figures anyone will ever want/need.

    No, my real list is:

    1. Ugnaught on Jabba's Sail Barge - Yoxgit
    2. Nos Monster (too big for regular figure, though)
    3. Cane Adiss (sp?)
    4. Yuzzum with rifle at Jabba's palace
    5. Loje Nella
    6. Hermione Bagwa
    7. Magaloof

    * Also would like a Gardulla, but that's more than 7.
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    1. Mosep, Jabba's accountant
    2. Heater (original Jabba)
    3. Boelo, Jabba's henchman
    4. Geela yeens, Jabba's henchman
    5. Burly bearded dude, Jabba's henchman
    6. Jenny, Han Solo's squeeze (before he set eyes on Leia)
    7. Wioslea. used speeder trader.

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    Queen Jamilla
    AOTC Sio Bibble
    Sgt Dolan
    Not a figure, but Jabbas Dais(throw in Oola to make it a figure then)
    thanks Chux Turbo LBC Bobafrett Mtriv73 Rjarvis JF96 JT JMG FB Rogue2 Tycho Slicker Deoxy Caesar JontheJedi JJReason Brandon Solo JMS UK for great deals.
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    rogue II the black guard is called Fozec.
    the skiff guard you mean has the vertical ribbed vest on? decipher named him Velken-Tezeri. the ones on the other skiff (two) i have no idea what they're names are but one looks like the guy Decipher named gailid, he wears a leather head band with ear defenders. the other one wears a helmet with horizontal ridges on the top

    joe-da, the ugnaught is called Yoxgit. and toadstool terror is also known as Loje Nella.

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    Thanks Mr. DP. I did a search on the name Velken Tezeri and found a picture of him. That's the one.
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