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    You're in charge of new figures... How do you run things?

    This is a totally theoretically thread, but it may require a bit of thought on everyone's part.

    The rules are fairly simple. Hasbro has just called you up and said, "You're in charge of new figures until 2018."

    Assume all the more credible rumors for 2007 are correct, and that these are the only new figures we're getting in 2007. Your job starts in 2008.

    Every year you will have ten points to assign to new figures:
    • Each basic, newly-sculpted figure counts as one point.
    • If a figure can be kitbashed or repainted from existing figures, with only the most minor of re-tooling, it counts as half a point. However, you must list the parts used.
    • If a figure is larger than a Wookiee, but smaller than Graxxol Kelvyn, it counts as a deluxe figure, which is two points.
    • Accessories up to the size of a speeder bike can be included with a figure and considered to be a deluxe (two points). Anything larger is a beast/vehicle.
    • Two-packs of standard figures that are based on existing sculpts, or which are more than 75% similar to one another can be considered deluxe (two points).
    • Deluxe figures are two points, whether based on existing molds or not.
    • Smaller figures are assigned points based on articulation. If you want a figure with Chirpa-type articulation, he's a whole point. If you're okay with limited articulation, two small figures can be packaged together for one point. This can include one adult with one child (Gungan female with child, for example).

    In addition to the figures, you can choose one new beast or vehicle (regardless of size) for each year.

    The figures and vehicles do not have to follow any theme. Hasbro will be choosing re-releases of existing figures to best fit in with any figures you create. Likewise, do not be overly concerned about core characters; Hasbro will be taking care of these.

    Do not worry about the TV show. Assume that it will be a separate line.

    Give it some thought, and post your lists. I'll be back shortly with mine.
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    I don't know if Hasbro wants me running things, because I'd happily run the entire company into the ground just to get the last few figures and vehicles that I want for my collection.

    Seriously, I'll think it through and see what I come up with.
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    10 points eh?

    AT-TE(2 points)
    Sgt Dolan(1 point)
    Yarna(1 point)
    Black bespin guard (kit-bashed from White guard body, black Endor Trooper head and hands.5 points)
    Ultimate Jedi Luke(SA - retooled from existing mold, more articulation and no gimmicks .5 points)

    Jabba the Hutt with Dais(use existing Jabba mold from Saga Deluxe, and Dais mold from Vintage Days. 1 point or 2 here since is kit-bashed kind of?)

    2 pack Ewoks(use existing molds to create Warok and Rumba, repaint and retool 1 point - limited articulation)

    SA Qui-Gon (1 point)

    Pick a new pod-racer(1 point)

    Added total equals 10 assuming the Jabba is 2 points, if you count as one, then add to the list

    CW Obi-Wan in armor(re-issue from battle pack with speeder 1 point)
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    • Endor Rebel Trooper: Biker Scout Disguise: Existing bearded head on VTSC Biker Scout body
    • Lando Calrissian (Smuggler): VOTC Lando head on VOTC Han Solo body

    New figures:
    • Beru Whitesun: As seen in AOTC
    • Cliegg Lars: Also as seen in AOTC. Limited articulation on this one due to slightly larger size of hoverchair
    • Corran Horn--Jedi Knight: Appears in several novels, including the New Jedi Order
    • Jocasta Nu: AOTC
    • Owen Lars: AOTC
    • PK Droid 2-pack: TPM
    • Queen Jamilla: AOTC
    • Wioslea: ANH
    • Yarna D'al Gargan: ROTJ


    • C-3PO--Lars Homestead: AOTC; the only C-3PO who is left to do, more or less. A repaint of ROTS C-3PO in the funky dull colors
    • Clonetrooper (Training): Bodie Taylor head on an existing jumpsuit body (likely Naboo Soldier)

    New figures:
    • Anakin Skywalker--Nelvaan: Realistically-styled figure of tattooed Ani with removeable hand, as seen in Clone Wars
    • Cin Drallig--Jedi fencing instructor from ROTS, seen briefly in the recordings of the Temple massacre
    • Gungan Female w/ Child--TPM
    • Jango Fett (Kamino)--AOTC, civilian "pajamas"
    • Nelvaan Shaman & Child: Clone Wars, both with limited articulation
    • Padme Amidala (Black Dress)--AOTC
    • Torture Rack Droids--Medical droid and power droid from Jabba's dungeon

    • Nelvaan Mutant Warrior--Clone Wars

    Quasi-beast: Padme Amidala--Funeral Procession (full cart with steeds)

    New figures:
    • Alien Bespin Guard: Seen briefly in ESB
    • Aqualish Senator: AOTC
    • Barriss Offee: Super-articulated resculpt
    • Ben Quadinaros/Ratts Tyrell: TPM
    • Coruscant Cab Driver: TPM:SE
    • Ewok w/ Woklings: ROTJ
    • Jaxxon: Giant green rabbit in a spacesuit from Marvel Comics
    • Saesee Tiin (Clonetrooper Armor): Clone Wars

    • Brea/Senni Tonnika: Sculpts almost entirely the same, only minor differences so they don't look too silly standing together

    Beast: Clonetrooper w/ Felucian Slug--ROTS

    • Ithorian Jedi: 2006 Momaw Nadon head, arms, and feet on an existing Jedi body
    • Luke Skywalker--Hospital Bay: New hand on existing Tatooine Luke figure

    New figures:
    • Corde: Padme's handmaiden from AOTC
    • Fozek: One of Jabba's human skiff guards
    • Guri: Human replicant droid from Shadows of the Empire
    • Het Nkik/Reegesk: Het Nkik is an existing Jawa figure with an Imperial blaster; Reegesk is a new figure. Both from the Cantina in ANH

    • IG "Lancer" Droid w/ Speeder Bike: From the Clone Wars cartoon
    • Obi-Wan Kenobi: Clonetrooper Armor w/ Speeder Bike: Better assembly than the POS from the Battlepack, same Speeder Bike as the Lancer Droid

    Vehicle: Solar Sailer

    New figures:
    • Ackmeena: Singing bartender from the Holiday Special (Bea Arthur!!!!!)
    • Emperor Palpatine--Senate Duel: Brown robes from his duel with Yoda
    • Joruus C'Baoth: Dark Jedi clone from the Thrawn Trilogy novels
    • Lady at ROTS Opera with Weird Elephant Mask: No idea what her name is, but damn, that is a crazy mask!
    • Mara Jade--Arica Disguise: Mara disguised as a dancer in Jabba's palace, from the comics
    • Rukh--Noghri Commando: Shadowy alien from the Thrawn Trilogy
    • Talon Karrde: Smuggler/information broker from several novels
    • Woof: Vintage Klaatu figure

    • Han Solo--Bespin Torture: ESB

    Vehicle: Tantive IV

    New figures:
    • Bollux and Blue Max: Two robots from Daley's Han Solo novels. One (Blue Max?) is tiny, and lives in a chamber in the other one's chest
    • Ferrus Olin: Failed Jedi turned hero from Last of the Jedi series
    • Gallandro: Space pirate from Daley's Han Solo novels
    • Jira: "Storm's a-brewin, Anakin!"
    • Anakin Skywalker--Peasant Disguise: Resculpt of the horrific AOTC figure, the last (?) remaining film Anakin
    • Paploo: ROTJ (Chirpa-class sculpt)
    • Tendu Bendon: I think that's his name... Ithorian Senator from TPM
    • Tey How: TPM

    • Ann/Tan Gella: Handled the same way as the Tonnikas, above

    Beast: Ceremonial Falumpaset w/ Boss Nass

    New figures:
    • B'omarr Monk (Human): Seen very briefly in ROTJ... a guy in a funny tall red hat
    • Cindel and Jeremitt Towani: Annoying kids from the Ewok movies
    • Marauder Warrior: Much cooler reptile creature from the Ewok movies
    • Owen Lars: Badly-needed resculpt of "Uncle Owen" from ANH
    • Queen of Alderaan: ROTS... I'm sure she's been given a name somewhere
    • Romba: Vintage Ewok, Chirpa-class sculpt
    • Teek: Hero of the Ewok movies, Chirpa-class sculpt
    • Wicket: Badly-needed Chirpa-class resculpt

    • Weazel/Mos Espa Giant: I think it's Weazel. Warwick Davis character seen leading a huge (bigger than a Wookiee) human slave with black and white facial tattoos in TPM

    Vehicle: Tank Droid

    New figures:
    • Captain Colton: Captain of the Tantive IV from ROTS
    • Chalmun: EU owner of the Cantina, basically a tan Wookiee with an apron
    • King Terak: Leader of the Marauders from the Ewok movies
    • Noa: Wilfred Brimley!!!!!
    • Padme Amidala--Refugee Disguise: AOTC, another missing Padme
    • Princess Kneesa: From the Ewok cartoons, but preferably styled as a realistic Ewok figure
    • Senator Grebleips: "ET" from TPM... he should probably come with a Senate pod
    • Warok: Yet another missing vintage Ewok

    • Geonosian Picador w/ Orray: Far too small to be a proper beast, but too big to just be a standard figure

    Beast: Gorax: Giant apelike creature from the Ewok movies... also seen in the Rogue Squadron comics (seriously)

    New figures:
    • Bultar Swan: Asian female Jedi from AOTC
    • Ittichitkuk & Lumpawarrump: Chewie's dad and son from the Holiday Special... I packed them together as Itchy is a dwarf Wookiee, and Lumpy is a kid, so they're both relatively small
    • Jango Fett (Super-Articulated): How badly do we need this? Seriously?
    • Jar Jar Binks (Padme's Apartment): AOTC... because he never ran around shooting people with his electropole in the movie
    • Kyp Durron: Human Jedi Master from the New Republic era
    • Logray: Another badly-needed Ewok resculpt
    • Mallatobuck: Chewie's wife from the Holiday Special
    • Mawhonic: Gran podracer from TPM
    • Queen Appailana: Oscar-winning Queen of Naboo, seen very briefly at Padme's funeral
    • Tenel Ka: Not the most important post-ROTJ Jedi, but a one-armed Dathomirian witch with a lightsaber? How friggin' cool is that?

    Vehicle: Gungan Bongo

    New figures:
    • Hermione Bagwa: Human waitress at Dex's Diner
    • Jacen Solo: Han & Leia's eldest son
    • Jaina Solo: Han & Leia's daughter
    • Nom Anor: Yuuzhan Vong advance scout from the NJO
    • Seatrooper: Seen on Mon Calamari in Clone Wars
    • Tall Jawa (Wimateeka?): Seen at the Lars homestead in ANH
    • Tsavong Lah: Yuuzhan Vong Warmaster from the NJO
    • Yuuzhan Vong Warrior #1: From the NJO

    • Shimmra/Onimi: Yuuzhan Vong Supreme Overlord. He's described as being larger, and wouldn't be without his dwarf "jester" Onimi, so I made him deluxe

    Vehicle: "Juggernaut" Turbo Tank

    (I tried to make this a banner year, to go out with a bang!)
    • Owen Lars (White Robes): Head of AOTC Owen (above) on a Tatooine Luke body
    • Spirit of Anakin Skywalker (Hayden): ROTS Anakin head on Obi-Wan body, cast in clear blue plastic

    New figures:
    • Dr Evazan: Accurate, for once
    • Heater: Jabba's decoy, seen in cut scenes from ANH
    • Sergeant Doallyn: Helmeted denizen of Jabba's palace
    • Torryn Farr: Rebel technician from ESB
    • Wald/Kitster: TPM
    • Wilrow Hood: "I'm your ice cream man, stop me when I'm passing by"
    • Yuuzhan Vong Warrior #2: As different as possible from the one from 2017

    • Luke Skywalker--Jedi Knight: The end-all, be-all Luke Skywalker. As many points of articulation as possible. Interchangeable normal and "angry" heads. Removeable Endor poncho and helmet. Lightsaber, hilt, and pistol. Interchangeable ungloved, gloved, and battle-damaged hands. As many accessories as can fit on a blister card

    Vehicle: Sail Barge
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    Dude, don't you read no directions, KH?

    1: Ten points per year, not total. Unless you're planning to kill the line right out of the gate, you've got ten more years left.

    2: I forgot to mention, but will add it to the original rules: Deluxe are two points, regardless of whether they're new or repaints.

    3: Vehicles are totally separate from the point system, but you only get one per year. (Just assume Hasbro will release about three or four TIE Fighters and repainted Starfighters per year to round everything out.)
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    Chux you have WAY to much time on your hands. But I like it. Hey, I get the AT-TE in 2008, so it's all good!
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    I've been "toying" with the idea for this thread for a while, actually.
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    My bad, let me think about other stuff and get back to the remaining years of it Chuxter.
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    This will be fun . . . I need to compile a list, and hopefully it'll be done in a few days.
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    Queen Jamilla
    Jo Casta Nu
    Owen Lars
    Cleigg Lars
    Beru Whitesun
    Ben Quadrinarios


    Dooku's Solar Sailor


    Gardulla the Hutt



    Ben Q's pod racer


    EP1 Bib Fortuna
    Hermi Odle
    The Given
    Umpass Stay
    SA Rebel Trooper
    Lando in Smugglers Gear


    Max Rebo and Sy Snottles


    Luke Medical Frigate
    Leia Medical Frigate
    R2 Endor Damage
    Biker Scout with Rebel Trooper head
    Darth Vader with Deflection Blast(Bespin)
    Willrow Hood

    Mother Ewok and Woklings


    All New Scale Sandcrawler



    Dud Bolts Pod Racer


    Ree Yees Pod Racer
    SA Endor Trooper
    2 Pack Younglings(Standard Articulation)
    SA Mace WIndu
    SA Ki-Adi


    2 pack Ugnaughts


    CW IG Droid with Speeder
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