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    Lightbulb Was there not a Christmas figure for 2006?

    Okay...we have had a Christmas: yoda, c3po & r2, jawas, and darth vader. Was there not a Christmas 2006 figure? If so, please fill me in about it. (Must have been made by Hasbro). Thanks.
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    No. They ran out of ideas after that red Darth Vader and called it quits for now.
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    perhaps they were ashamed about how bad the Vader came out and decided to cut their losses.
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    Actually, one of the other sites asked about Christmas figures in the Q&A. If you go through the Other Site Q&A Archive, you will probably find it.
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    Actually there was/ia, it will be shipped with the first wave of TAC figs.
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    Sept 19th: Have we seen the last of the Holiday Edition action figures? Was the Holiday Darth Vader the end for that series?

    Hasbro: I doubt it will be the last…but we will not have a Christmas-themed figure next year at least.
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    I wonder if it had anything to do with all the people who bought the previous three, but were insulted by the stupidity of the red figure and passed. I'm sure that must've hurt their bottom line on the holiday line.

    I think they should do the card with the podracers. Of course, they'd have to actually make podracers first.

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    Was Dud Bolt sick that day?

    Actually, five of those figures have been made and the Ree-Yees (I don't remember his name) could probably be kit-bashed pretty quickly.

    So that would just leave Ben Quadrinaros (the stupidest alien design in SW history) and the two podracers at the bottom with Sebulba.

    Not that I would buy it, the Holiday Figures are just ridiculously stupid to me.
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    i feel that if they should continue this line for 07 or even to start it up again in 08 they need to make new figures, not take an existing figure and paint it red. as I want to be a completist and have one of every figure at least loose, this will be the one figure that will never see the light of day in my house.

    the first set with threepio and r2 was great and looked like the actually christmas card sent out. the second set with yoda was awesome, the jawas were cool with the red and green eyes but they dropped the ball on Vader.
    the vader was such a great opportunity to give us a great sculpt, vader in a santa suit or even like the christmas card sculpting a stormtrooper in the snow.

    seriously hasbro, if you want the figure to be a great sell-out give us new figures, new sculpts, and make it something that really will grab the attention of everyone. do not make another blood red vader horror and try to pass it off as a holiday figures. go back to your beginnings with the line.
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    Vader was the first holiday figure I didn't get. I agree that they should have put him in a Santa suit or something like Yoda.

    There are still other good possibilities they could do with this. Chewbacca in a Santa suit with Han and Leia as Elves. They could take the upcoming snow-Padme and make that Christmasy as well. However, what would really be cool is a Santa suit on Jabba with a button that plays his "ho ho ho" dialogue from ROTJ.


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