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    Well, this is astoundingly sick and twisted

    From Yahoo! News:

    Idaho gov calls for wolf kill

    BOISE, Idaho - Idaho's governor said Thursday he will support public hunts to kill all but 100 of the state's gray wolves after the federal government strips them of protection under the Endangered Species Act.

    Gov. C.L. "Butch" Otter told The Associated Press that he wants hunters to kill about 550 gray wolves. That would leave about 100 wolves, or 10 packs, according to a population estimate by state wildlife officials.

    The 100 surviving wolves would be the minimum before the animals could again be considered endangered.

    "I'm prepared to bid for that first ticket to shoot a wolf myself," Otter said earlier Thursday during a rally of about 300 hunters.

    Otter complained that wolves are rapidly killing elk and other animals essential to Idaho's multimillion-dollar hunting industry. The hunters, many wearing camouflage clothing and blaze-orange caps, applauded wildly during his comments.

    Suzanne Stone, a spokeswoman for the advocacy group Defenders of Wildlife in Boise, said Otter's proposal would return wolves to the verge of eradication.

    "Essentially he has confirmed our worst fears for the state of Idaho: That this would be a political rather than a biological management of the wolf population," Stone said. "There's no economic or ecological reason for maintaining such low numbers. It's simple persecution."

    Wolves were reintroduced to the northern Rocky Mountains a decade ago after being hunted to near-extinction. More than 1,200 now live in the region.

    The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service plans to start removing federal protections from gray wolves in Montana and Idaho in the next few weeks.

    A plan drafted by Idaho's wildlife agency calls for maintaining a minimum of 15 wolf packs higher than Otter's proposal of 10 packs.

    Jeff Allen, a policy adviser for the state Office of Species Conservation, said 15 wolf packs would allow "a cushion" between the surviving wolf population and the minimum number that federal biologists would allow before the animals are again considered endangered.

    Allen said Otter and state wildlife officials agree on wolf strategy and will be able to reach a consensus on specific numbers.

    "You don't want to be too close to 10 because all of a sudden when one (wolf) is hit by a car or taken in defense of property, you're back on the list," Allen said.
    So, the gray wolf is pushed to the brink of extinction, and conservationists are bringing it back, and the minute it comes off the endangered species list, this demented, sick, ****ing deranged psychopath advocates going out and killing as many as possible just because it's no longer protected under the Endangered Species Act???

    If any of you are in Idaho, please go to the governor's mansion and kick this SOB in his tiny, shriveled little goods for me. At least seven times, if you don't mind.

    Why does it not surprise me one bit that such a ****ing sick plot would be hatched by someone named "Otter"?

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    Yah otters suck too. fortunately for "Mr. OTter" wolverines dont diserve to live anyways, they are vicious and extrememly terretorial creatures.

    Some people think they are pretty cuddly but they are called "nasty cats" and my Grampa has been attacked by a wolverine before.

    I don't think much people are gonna mind about killing them.
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    No easy answer there. I don't even want to guess his political affiliation (no-no outside the Rancor pit) but where are the guys with the traps to capture the wolves? And where do they take them? Poor wolves, all they want to do is be wolves and eat whatever is easily available. Isn't that what dogs do? Guess there is no room for them. One of these days someone or something is going to thin the herd (us) After we are removed from the endangered list. Where have I heard that? "It's time to thin the herd" Some comedian came up with it.

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    I don't necessarily equate killing animals with killing people, but it does seem a little unnecessary. I have a feeling we are not getting the whole story, have there been a high number of wolf attacks on people or livestock in Idaho?
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    From the article, it appears that the main reason is that they're eating animals such as deer and elk that attract hunters.

    I've not got anything against hunting, but this seems pointless and gratuitous. Especially given the already precarious state of one of the few alpha predators in North America.
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    Probably on livestock there BB. Remember they tried to reintroduce the wolf down there in southwestern New Mexico, in the Gila wilderness? The ranchers didn't like that, and someone started shooting them. They never caught the culprits. Guess they were not welcome there either, and they were considered "endangered" then.edit: What!? on hunting animals?

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    it reads like a south park storyline. I can see a room full of Uncle Jimbo's and Neds. the image amuses me but as for the 'cull', nothing speaks louder than income and multi-million dollar industry. I presume the pelts also make expensive fur garments for stylish Laydees about town too. another lucrative business. can't argue with the big bucks.

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    In Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana ( ) this is a very political issue. In fact anything that is that has to do with Yellowstone is very political within these three states. Without going too political, wolf management needs to change. In general wolves have made a pretty good come back in Idaho, mostly on they're own (with the protection of Endangered Species Act). I totally disagree with killing some 500 wolves, but do think that the killing some is reasonable. I also think that ranchers need to change how they manage livestock.
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    Wolves have been killing deer and elk as long as there have been wolves, deer, and elk. Funny how deer and elk populations have only been under threat of serious depopulation from one species... humans. At one point, whitetail deer were extremely scarce here in Mississippi; I've spoken with an old man who grew up in the '20's and '30's, who couldn't believe how many deer are around today. Unregulated hunting had nearly driven the animals to extinction here around the turn of the century. Of course, we here in the South lost our only native wolf, the red wolf, to ignorant buffoons like this Otter.

    The Gov. is probably under pressure from buddies of his who make a lot of money from out-of-state hunters (like a certain VP) who pay big bucks to be able to say they shot a trophy elk bull. In a balanced Idaho ecosystem, big elk bulls are probably much rarer than they are in a "managed" system, since such big, typically older animals are usually quickly culled by predators. Those so-called "hunters" would rather have fenced-in, safe, regulated Wilderness, than true wilderness with wolves, the way the Maker made it.

    But hey, we're humans, and we know better than Nature what's best for Nature, right?

    Who is this man, this governor, to deny later generations the right to live with wolves? Why on earth would any Idahoan want to neuter his woods and mountains by killing off the meat-eaters, and render the Idaho lanscape as safe and boring as that of, say, Indiana??? In killing those wolves, he's going to kill off part of what makes Idaho, Idaho.

    Da**ed fool. Easier just to kill off the issue, instead of learning to live with it, and becoming wiser about the world and ourselves.

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    What a tool.
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