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    The Wal Mart wave....

    SAGA-070: Aurra Sing (Bespin)
    SAGA-071: Kitik Keed'kak
    SAGA-072: Kabe & Nabrun Leids
    SAGA-073: Labria
    SAGA-074: R4-M6 (Mace Windu's Astromech Droid)

    When is this wave supposed to hit? I want my Kitik Keed'kak!
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    It was supposed to be around now-ish. I have yet to see them and I check every few days.
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    I haven't seen anything new for awhile at my store, but then we still had tons of the "Greatest" series leftover from Christmastime. Shame as they could have sold more of them but they sat in a trailer, while the pegs sat empty through Christmas, now they just got reduced to $5.00. I don't know when we'll see this wave at my store.
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    i have zero confidence that my local WM's will get any of this wave in and so i'll just have to forgo them.

    i'm still looking for the Cantina bands tins. if anyone would be so kind to help me with one, i'd pay you back cost + shipping and even a few bucks for your efforts.

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    My WM hasnt even packed out wave 8, so I dont expect these out for a few weeks here. We are chock full of H&V round htese parts, an end cap full, 14 pegs in one aiasle and 8 pegs in another and all run deep.
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    Hopefully no time soon since I haven't even found Wave 8 yet.

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    wow, just looked at them on ebay. gotta find these.

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    Haven't seen these either. I'm still getting caught up on wv8. Haven't seen wv9 yet and I want to build up the Kashyyyk clones, so I kinda hope the wv10 WM exclusive wave will hold off for a bit.

    Hasbro mentioned getting the new 2007 fig in March so I see us getting the rest of wv8 this month with the last week starting to get wv9, then the first two weeks wv9 will still be shipping, the the last two weeks of Feb., we'll probably see the WM wave.

    Just a guess, but man, that would sure work out for me. Give me a little "Breather" bewteen waves.
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    If recent experience with year end is any guide, these bad boys could be scarce. I hear wallyworld is making an effort to 2-pack out the old figures... this would be nice for me, since I never got any of the Endor wave and there are a few I would buy at $5 a figure, namely, the gunner, 3po, and the endor soldier. I just scored a Veers last night at Target for $6.

    Anyway, the current clearance could be a move to make way for the new figs.
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    shame Kitik is the wrong colour. single carding her it gave H an opportunity to redo her green like she is in the movie.

    I think Kitik and R4-M6 are all I'll get from this wave. if at all. already got Kabe, already customised my Labria and Nabrun Leids to be more movie accurate. and Aurra thing can rot on the pegs for all i care.

    I hope they put R4-M6's middle leg in the right way round unlike R4-K5 who is a freaky mutant with his middle leg facing backwards.


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