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    McQuarrie Concept C-3PO and R2-D2 2-Pack.

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    Interesting. If accurate, I wonder if it's part of the regular line, or maybe a Deluxe figure? They've never released an astromech with a full-sized figure before on a standard card.
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    The McQuarrie concept R2-D2 is smaller than the final R2-D2 though.

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    still a great set to add to the Mcquarrie figures of the Stormie, Vader, Luke, and Chewie. I think it would be cool if they also do the Han and Leia as well as Yoda and the Emperor.
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    I'm glad we are getting these figures. They were definately at the top of the concept figure list I would want. Since we are rumored to get Vader and Chewie I think that it completes my list of ones I really want.
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    I wonder if C-3PO will be the one from that famous painting, where he looks more feminine? That would be cool.
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    Nice. I will be sure to pick this one up. I love the OT concept figures.
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    I never liked either of the concept designs for the droids. 3PO was too derivative and R2 just looked stupid. I'm curious to se how they'll translate to figures.

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    I think these will look great.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JEDIpartner View Post
    I think these will look great.
    Me too, and I've coined a new phrase relating to the McQuarrie figures:
    Alternate Universe.

    Heck if we already have EU (Expanded Universe) then why not Alternate??

    Makes sense as this is what COULD have been.

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