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    Now that is a good idea. When I heard of a new holiday exclusive I cringed but this is to funny. I can imagine a lot of fathers on the boards here will get one if their wife's can beat them to the ailse.
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    They passed on a Jaxxon Easter figure for what will inevitably be previously released figures in new packaging?

    The only thing that could make this worthwhile would be a hologram (Hayden) Anakin, but I doubt Hasbro's that smart.
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    I doubt either figure will be new, but this is a pretty funny idea. Now we know what this year's Holiday figure is . . .
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    What is the picture of? I get the website, but no photo of the figure.
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    I don't see it either gran'pa. C'mon inside and sit a spell. Sissy done made a stoooooooooooo.

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    there isn't a picture yet, just an "image coming soon" graphic.

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    this set would be cool if they included a Gantry playset with it. it will likely be just re-paints or repacks but if they really do the set nicely it could work. the holo idea of Hayden would rock as well.
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    Nothing that "rocks" or "rules" will make it into this set. I've got a reliable source (okay, it's just me speculating again).

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    So what, it's just Saga Bespin Vader and Luke with Vader's accessories?
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