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    Gawd, now there gonna taunt us with a cool Luke in Stormtrooper Disguise... with red eyes?

    Quinlan and Villie look incredibly sweet. I'm not sure on Alpha, but he looks new enough and better than the Clone Wars ARC Trooper. Obi-Wan appears to be a decent kitbash?

    Edit: And interesting that the Tarkin 2-pack is the only one not offered a second time. That's the one with the Stormtrooper, right?
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    Is that Obi-wan from episode II or III? It does look pretty good. Am I correct that it would be the first Obi-wan from Episode II or III where his robe is sculpted on and he has some articulation (other than the Kamino Deluxe pack)?

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    Wow, that's definitely the best AOTC era (technically clone wars since it's a Republic comic pack) Obi Wan out there!

    i've been passing on the wave 1 of comic packs but i'll definitely shell out for Obi Wan and Alpha and Quinlan/Villie.

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    Quote Originally Posted by figrin bran View Post
    i've been passing on the wave 1 of comic packs but i'll definitely shell out for Obi Wan and Alpha and Quinlan/Villie.
    I agree with this statement completely. (I did get the Kir Kanos set.)

    Alpha looks awesome and while I'm not after a new Obi, this one looks pretty good from the small pic. I've been salivating at the prospect of getting Quinlan and Villie. I can't tell by the pics too much of what their articulation is.

    Alpha looks like he's SA. Same with Obi.

    It appears as if Villie is close to SA. But no ankle joints and I'm skeptical on the knee joints too. (I'm zoomed in about 300% here)

    Quinlan definitely has elbow articulation but it looks intrusive to the figure since the joint is on skin. It also loks like there's no knee or ankle articulation with him either. The Jedi sash does get in the way a little of the knee, so I could be mistaken and the boots are rather dark, so they just might have articulation too.

    We'll see, but I know for sure I'm getting two of each. (1 carded, 1 loose) I may get a couple of extra Obi/Alpha packs as I could use more Obi's to fill scenes out and I'd customize an Alpha to have red markings.

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    I'll pick up the Luke Stormtrooper set because I have this sinking feeling that Hasbro isn't going to release another version for years.
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    Golly Geeze Mouse Droid!

    I'm getting like 5 or 6 Quinlan / Villie 2-packs TO OPEN for my dioramas!

    These are the only Comic 2 pack offering that has completely new sculpts and very decent ones at that. It's exactly what I always wanted from the EU!

    Now there's something to get the old Tycho excited!

    *I can't tell if Villie has 2 working cross-drawn holsters from this pic (like an ARC Trooper would). He should have 2 of the same kind of blasters on his gun belt (he's obviously holding one).

    Quinlan would be even more awesome if you could add a softgoods Jedi robe to him that you could raise the hood on. I'm sure other figures could provide that accessory. WOW!
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    I'm on board. And if Alpha is SA as he does appear to be, I will be hoping for SA regular A.R.C. Troopers and the other A.R.C. Commanders as well.
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    I might get the Alpha 2 pack because of Alpha. Dont really want Obi-Wan though.
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    can't wait for these. Alpha looks great, Obi alright and the Luke and R2 are cool.
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