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    Does anybady know how often new episodes of Futurama come out, the last new one I saw was the one with the "what if" machine and that was like a month ago.

    By the way I've got the Entire first season on DVD (not released in the U.S untill 2004) and it's fantastic!

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    we usually never get to see futurama here in the states because NFL football games always run late.

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    They've stopped showing them here The last episode I remember is the one where bender finds a Bart doll
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    There's a new ep of Futurama next week, Lucy Liu is back. The show actually has a full-season run, which is 22 eps per season for most networks, it's just that between the East Coast missing the show thanks to the aforementioned football games on TV running over and a REALLY messed up programming dept, you'll probably see Futurama air more often in the second half of the season (Feb to June). Sucks that we have to put up with all this Fox crap though.
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