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    That 'I gotta have that toy' thread from childhood ...

    In the spirit of all these reminiscing type threads going around now I thought of a thread about what was/were the Star Wars toy(s) that you wanted the most as a kid and did get and those that you never got?.

    I remember as a really little kid (4-5yrs old) that I wanted the Millenium Falcon really bad and did end up getting it for Xmas. I also remember asking Santa for it at a store or mall. Good ole Santa came through for me that year.

    I also did want the Skiff really bad in 1985 even though I was like 12 or 13. I saw it once at TRU when it first opened in my area and I wanted it bad but didn't have the money. I still need one.

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    I would say the AT-AT. Never had one, gotta go change my list up now.
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    There were two toys that I distinctly recall "NEEDING!" when I was much smaller. The first was the AT-AT. All I ever got to see were pictures and it seemed SO enormous. Alas Santa never delivered so when the opportunity arose years and years later when I saw a vintage one sitting boxed on a shelf, I jumped at it.

    The second toy I "NEEDED!" to have wasn't from Star Wars at all. It was the Micronauts Battlecruiser. It was a whopping 50 bucks, way out of the price range of a little kid and definitely not something I ever expected to see in person. But I was out of my mind one glorious Christmas morning when that giant box appeared from underneath some wrapping paper.

    Remembering back, for whatever reason, I was much more into Micronauts toys at the time than I was into Star Wars. There was a contest at the Toys R Us in the city where you could win a shopping spree. Of course I didn't win, but I remember fantasizing about what I'd fill my cart with first. Micronauts were what I wanted first, followed by whatever I could manage in the Star Wars aisle.

    I've since Ebay'ed off all my Micronauts and Star Wars has consistently overtaken just about any other hobby I've had. Is it a sickness or just a harmless diversion from the demands of life?

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    I don't remember the gotta have it toy from Star Wars. I do remember being jealous of my friends that had the Death Star Playset. I never had the Falcon but I don't remember wanting it although I probably did. The toy that I can remember sending my mom out for/dragging her to the stores for was Storm Shadow. It was weeks before we could track one down. Still an awesome figure.
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    the one toy I wanted more than anything was the ROTJ Imperial Shuttle. loved the ship the first time I saw Jedi and wanted it ever since. at the time my parents said it was too much and too big so alas it never found a way into my fleet.
    years later I would try bidding on it in ebay but still no luck as it was always $200+ but finally FAO got an exclusive version and my girlfriend at the time (now she is my wife) bought me one for Christmas and made me the happiest kid on the block. (of course my neighbors thought it was kind of funny to see a 30 something year old playing with the Imperial Shuttle out in the quad of our apartment. but hey for that day i was the kid.)
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    I wanted a Han with Carbonite so bad. Never got one as a kid. I alos wanted Luke as a Stormtrooper. I got that one. And he got PLAYED with. He is now very discolored. He is still the only one I have. That helmet went on anyone and everyone that it would fit on. He is the only Star Wars guy cool enough to play with the Joes.
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    Jedi Luke and Leia Boushh, I searched every single opportunity I could when those were out but found only nobody figures like Squidhead, and occasionally Lando Skiff whose helmet was similar to Leia's and I'd get all excited until I saw it was Lando. '83 through '85 was a LOT of misery looking for them on the pegs. I never got them.
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    Not SW related, but I needed the Ghostbusters Proton Pack pretty bad. I still remember the pic in the Penny's ad, never did get it.
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    Since the thread has strayed away from Star Wars which is totally cool I also was wanting the Gi Joe Hovercraft really bad and did get it from my grandparents one Xmas. I remember kinda goin' nuts and banging on the box a little when I first opened it.

    Gi Joe was a huge part of my childhood and did overtake Star Wars for a while as my favorite. Also liked MOTU.

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    In that case, I also want a Jetfire TF original. Was my fvorite as a kid but lost it in a move.
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