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    Exclamation Which Colossal Death Robot Are You?

    Follow this link to find out:

    I'm Megatron.

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    Which Colossal Death Robot Are You?

    Holy Prime Directive, you're Robocop!

    Well, you're neither colossal, nor technically a robot, but your arthritic lurching and dubious morals have found their way into the hearts of futuristic rebels and children everywhere. You walk through fire, catch bullets from the air, and you never, ever smile. Combine this with an abstract, almost random concept of duty and honour, and you have a police officer one cannot fail to adore.

    Thank you, Robocop.

    EDIT: AWWWW, MAN, I just read that you're Megatron. DANG!!! I'm taking it again and again 'til I'm Megatron!!!

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    Well that was easy...

    Which Colossal Death Robot Are You?

    Scowling wilfully towards Autobot City, you're Megatron!

    Look in a mirror and feel the evil. Then eat the mirror. You eat mirrors for breakfast. You are a bad--- death robot. You busted on Optimus Prime. You. Are. Megatron. Go outside and burn some animals, because you're worth it.

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    I think it's just Robocop and Megatron...

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    That S**KS! I only took it once. I thought that some here would find it of interest because of them being Transformer fans.

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    No you're not, I AM!!!!

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    It's worth taking it just to read the questions and answers, though! That stuff was funny!

    Q:What do you usually say upon waking up in the morning?

    A:"I shall persecute the weak."

    LOL! Now that's comedy!

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    I'm Optimus Prime, even though I kept choosing the "evil" and "minigun" answers....hmm.

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    I too was given Optiums Prime with "evil" answers. Either they are way off base or Optimus was a closet evil robot. I'll have to keep my on him from now on.
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