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    Rumored Bothan Spy figure will cause some angst

    It is still rumor at this point that we'll get a Bothan Spy figure this year.

    Bothans were never seen in any SW movie. The Coruscant Taxi Cab Driver in TPM was not a Bothan - though it was similar in appearance.

    Bothans have been drawn extensively in Dark Horse Comics, though there are several styles. They are loosely described as:

    a lion or cat-like creature

    a goat-like creature

    These do sort of look different if you saw the drawings.

    Since Bothans are entirely EU, there are several famous EU characters that are Bothans:

    Koth Melan was the Bothan Spy Master who stole the plans for the second Death Star in Shadows of the Empire. I believe he died along with his men, getting the plans to Mon Mothma's contact, prompting "Many Bothans died to bring us this information."

    Borssky Fey'lya was a politician who rose through the Rebel Alliance into the ranks of the New Republic and challenged Princess Leia's authority as the new Chief of State. Fey'lya was later elected as one of Leia's (not immediate) successors and his administration ruled until the Yuuzhan Vong invasion and the destruction of Coruscant's surface.

    There was a Fleet Admiral in the New Republic who was actually very respectable, though his name escapes me. He was first loyal to Fey'lya, but Leia pursuaded him to politically betray the senior Bothan who was conniving his own rise to power. He was most prominent in the Black Fleet Crisis I believe.

    Bothans predominantly have their notoriety based in the Expanded Universe of the Classic Trilogy (most of it post-ESB).

    Not everyone will agree which artistic depiction of a Bothan is appropriate for an action figure, much less if it should be generic, or one of these character specifics. (I'd argue for at least 3 figures - the two aforementioned characters, and the generic soldier - but perhaps released not all at once).

    Still, others who are not reading this thread will pop up saying the Coruscant Taxi Cab driver is a Bothan - and this tiresome angle will go on for quite a while as well.
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    I don't think any one representation is better or worse than the other. I hope they do make it Fey'lya just because he is the only one I know.
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    But he is not a spy.

    I would be mad.

    Tommy, close your eyes.

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    Many Hasbros reps have died bringing us this info.
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    Isn't that taxi driver in the cut scene from TPM a Bothan?
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    I'm gonna buy these by the caseload and send one to Slick every week that he is gone to Japan.

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    Slicker, I almost threw a Mouse Droid at you, but thought better of it.

    I know I have an extra JarJar figure around here somewhere...
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    there was a bothan member of rogue squadron for a time as well.

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    hey it would be cool to see another EU Figure made. Would really like to see a few different versions of it made maybe variants that way we could have an army of them similiar to the Wookies from ROTS.
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    Bothan members of the 502nd will be driving their cabs in next year's Rose Bowl parade.


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