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    Wal-mart 2 packs!!

    I picked up:

    Endor Luke & Black Endor Trooper
    Naboo Trooper & White Endor Trooper

    Under $5 per figure is what I'm all about. It's dodgy finding what you need, since half of the figures seem to be packed with Vader, and I've had enough Vader. I'm hoping to find Endor 3po, Imperial Gunner, Jerjerrod, and AT-AT Driver together in some combo.

    so, take a look around your Wally-world, and be sure to look outside the normal SW area... if there is a clearance aisle, that's a good place to find some sweet deals!
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    if they do this in my walmart all the packs are going to be Leia Boushh and Power Droids. for two weeks these fourteen lonely figures have been the only thing gracing the pegs.
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    The only good thing is if my WM does this, there are tons of clone troopers to do it with. Otherwise, poop to this idea.
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    One WM near me has absolutely no SW figures.

    The other would, quite literally, have to be two-packs of Jerjerrods.
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    I don't think these are put together in store. I'm going to check out another location after work.
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    My Wal-Mart store has a bunch of the "Greatest Heroes and Villians" left, that had three other figures in it, including C-3PO, Death Star Gunner, and one other.
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    I saw these at my WM yesterday. Most of the packs had Vader and Jerjerrods in them. The best one I saw was Scorch and the orange clone from EP3.
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    Okay, are WM's taking existing store stock and bundling them together in-store, or are they being shipped these 2-packs from distribution? And where in the Toy Department did youse guys find these?

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    I picked up scorch and death star gunner for $4.00 at my wal-mart the other day. The rest of the two packs were $9.96. I tried to get them to sell me the rest for $4.00 but they wouldn't. Also at a wal-mart in Gainesville Ga last weekend they had ALL collector tins for $10.00 a set...I checked my wal-mart (athens, ga) and the only set on clearance was figrin dan ($10.00)

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    I saw these at Wal-Mart on Saturday. Not certain if they were taken from existing stock or not. I saw a couple packs of Gragra and the Pod Racers, but I don't recall seeing those the week before. These packs were on an endcap that still had lots of figures. The bottom two or three shelves had these, while the upper pegs still had single carded figures.


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