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    French Hasbro Catalog List!



    Wave 2 - * Corresponds to Battle of Yavin (delayed from The Saga Collection)
    __ Rebel Sentry * Honor Guard
    __ Han Solo * (Millennium Falcon Gunner)
    __ Luke Skywalker * (Ceremony)
    __ Biggs Darklighter * (X-Wing Pilot)
    __ Death Star Trooper
    __ McQuarrie Series - Boba Fett

    Wave 3 - * Corresponds to the A New Hope wave
    __ Biggs Darklighter * (Academy Outfit)
    __ Darth Vader
    __ Jawa & LIN Droid
    __ Luke Skywalker
    __ Stormtrooper * (Removable Helmet)
    __ McQuarrie Series - Chewbacca - * not in this wave according to the last official Hasbro announcement

    Wave 4 - Looks like a Tatooine Wave
    __ M'iiyoom * Onith
    __ Elis Helrot - in wave 3 according to the last official Hasbro announcement
    __ Umpass-Stay (Jabba's drummer)
    __ CZ-3 (Jabba's Palace Droid)
    __ Jedi Luke Skywalker
    __ Holiday Special Boba Fett
    __ McQuarrie Series - Darth Vader

    * It seems that Oola may have been delayed until 2008.

    Wave 5 - Looks like a mostly EU wave
    __ Hermi Odle
    __ C-3PO
    __ Momaw Nadon * Rumored to actually be Roron Corobb
    __ Yoda * Rumored to come with Kybuck
    __ Mace Windu - UNCONFIRMED
    __ Anakin * Rumored to be tattooed from Clone Wars
    __ Darth Raven * Fan's Choice Winner (Knights of the Old Republic)
    __ Darth Malak * From Knights of the Old Republic
    __ Pre-Cyborg Grievous * (Qymaen jai Sheelal)
    __ McQuarrie Series - Luke Skywalker

    * It seems that Mace Windu has been cancelled from this wave.

    Wave 6 Looks like a TESB Wave
    __ Han Solo
    __ Lando Calrissian
    __ Rebel Trooper
    __ 4-LOM
    __ McQuarrie Series - Snowtrooper

    Wave 7 Looks like a Battle of Endor Wave
    __ Ewok 2-pack
    __ A-Wing Pilot
    __ Spirit of Anakin
    __ R2-D2
    __ McQuarrie Series - Han Solo

    Wave 8 Looks like an AOTC wave
    __ Padmé Amidala
    __ Jango Fett
    __ Destroyer Droid
    __ Clone Trooper
    __ Wolfman Jedi * (Voolvif Monn)
    __ McQuarrie Series - Rebel Trooper

    Wave 9 - This wave is named FORCE UNLEASHED. It looks like an EU wave
    __ Force Unleashed: Darth Vader
    __ Force Unleashed: Samurai Jedi
    __ Force Unleashed: Maris Brood
    __ Force Unleashed: Stormtrooper 1
    __ Force Unleashed: Stormtrooper 2
    __ Force Unleashed: Heavy Stormtrooper
    __ Force Unleashed: Shadow Guard

    Vintage Figures
    __ Stormtrooper from the VOTC 2004 line
    __ Bossk
    __ IG-88
    __ Han Solo * in Bespin Gear ??
    __ Leia Endor
    Luke Skywalker (Bespin Gear) and Snowtrooper (Hoth Stormtrooper) are not in this list but it is a promotional French wave that does not necessary take all the US cards.

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    I'd take this with a grain of salt, unless someone at another site can produce a scan. Quite a bit of it seems to be based on early rumor lists, but some conflicts with info direct from Hasbro (Spirit Anakin).

    Force Unleashed may be a tie-in with the upcoming videogame, which involves Jedi survivors of Order 66. I have no idea what it would be otherwise. The name "Maris Brood" doesn't seem to actually exist yet. Samurai Jedi sounds quite silly, so I hope that's just a fill-in name if that particular one is true.
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    well it's a wait and see. I believe it when I see some scans of the figures. here's hoping that Hasbro puts on a good toy fair with all new product to wet our appetites.
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    Please gimme a SA Jango! He's my fave prequel villain.
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    I doubt that a lot of this is true, but these would be nice figures to have. Why would they rerelease the regular VOTC Stormtrooper if they're also doing it in the basic line with a new helmet?
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    Is anyone else hoping that the VOTC Han Solo isn't Bespin, but the Hoth version?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rogue II View Post
    Is anyone else hoping that the VOTC Han Solo isn't Bespin, but the Hoth version?
    The POTJ Bespin Han still holds up pretty well and I'm worried that Hasbro will try to give him a soft good coat like they did for that Leia Collection Bespin Han.

    Hermi Odle, the Ewok 2-pack and the A-Wing Pilot have me hopeful that this list is accurate. As long as the Ewoks and Pilot aren't repaints or kit-bashed.
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    We should know with in the next few weeks whether or not it is real. I wont update the main list until it has been confirmed.
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    If it's VOTC Bespin Han, I hope he gets a nice, accurate ESB head sculpt. I agree with others who don't want soft goods. But please give him X-wing Luke articulation, not the lame-o VOTC Lando articulation.
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    Does anyone believe that they would make two cinema scenes from the cantina with TEN figures each? I find it hard to believe they would do two cantina scenes in one year with FIVE figures each, let alone ten. It would be awesome though (but watch it be four repacks and one new figure, or worse, nine repacks and one new figure)


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