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    2007 Vintage figure PICS!

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    Hoth Han and IG-88... wow. I'm amazed at the detail on those figures!!! Wasn't planning on getting loose examples of either of those, but that's changed now.

    Detail on the Snowtrooper is hard to make out from the fuzzy picture, but I'll still be getting several of these, if I can find them. Is it missing a belt and/or codpiece?

    Endor Leia... nice, but what's up with that drumstick leg?

    Bossk, while a great new sculpt, is still another Bossk. I may wait until I see one to decide on whether or not to get a loose sample.

    Same with Luke. The expression on his face seems off.
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    these do look amazing. can't wait to see them in person. here's hoping that leia and the snowtrooper's helmet are removable.

    IG-88 looks great, better sculpt and detail. Love the look of Han Hoth, Bossk is alright looks like a Saga version repacked. I wonder if Han Hoth will come with a hood ?

    Luke Bespin is great, much needed improvment over the Saga and POTF versions, perhaps the Bespin luke we have been waiting for. Now if they will only give us the DSII Luke we have been asking for.
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    The Snowtrooper is SA. FINALLY.

    IG-88 looks incredible in the pics. The detail on him and Boosk is great. Hoth Han looks like a winner too! I can put that Saga POS away!

    They all look pretty great.
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    All of these figs look great. Unfortunate that I will want multiple snowtroopers at the price point. I hope the Han's hood is soft goods and goes up. I wonder how many being are still thinking IG-88 can't be improved.
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    Well, I know where $60 and change is going to go later this year. Good job Hasbro, those are fantastic.

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    Those all look really promising. I think I need to get the IG-88 and Bossk now, too. The Luke is okay, Leia is great, a Snowtrooper that doesn't suck, wonderful. The Han looks great, but I was kind of hoping for the Bespin version. Oh well, we needed a new Han Hoth anyway.
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    not interested in a single one. and the pictures aren't clear enough to see anything much. I'll wait til TOYFAIR pics emerge before saying anything.

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    Those figures look great. I'm surprised at how good IG-88 looks. I thought he wouldn't be a good candidate for Vintage.
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    I will get IG88 for sure but I don't know about the rest.
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