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    What do you want to see in '07?

    A fellow card collector and I have this conversation regularly when we get together at our monthly meetings:

    What card set do you want to see next?

    With '07 being the 30th anniversary, Topps has to have something nice and unique up their sleeve. But neither of us have heard of any future releases.

    What would be nice is to revisit the 3-D cards again, and encompass the entire trilogy. Printing ability has improved greatly since TPM 3-D cards came out in '99 or '00.

    There's also the possibility of revisiting the Galaxy series cards.

    We still haven't gotten the second part of the Clone Wars season 1 cards, either.

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    Good ideas!

    I want Topps to continue the Autograph cards (my personal favorite) as well. Get another round of old and new signers. Maybe they could get Portman or Neeson to sign a few. They could do a 1/1 signature card of Sebastian Shaw!
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    Looks like Topps has a round of 30th Anniversary cards on tap for this year. There will be both retail and hobby versions available. The hobby sets will include sketch and autograph cards! Woohoo!
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    I heard a rumor about the sketch cards over the weekend from a fellow card collector.

    I figured it would happen sooner or later. Topps would want something to promote at C4.

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    I'll be all over the 30th Anniversary set, sounds fun.

    Am I beating a dead horse by saying that I would still like them to "correct" a few cards from the Heritage set? I can't believe that pre-DVD Jabba card made it into the set, it still bugs me.

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    I agree, Caesar. There's obvious character gaps in the Evolution set. Characters who normally wouldn't merit a card and those who should have a card and don't.

    Depending on the price, I might have to get a box. I didn't with the last series.

    And if I get an auto/sketch card, that's great. If I don't, I can live without it.

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    I got one of the 30th Anniversary cards today! Went by a comic shop this afternoon and they had them for free -so I picked one up. It looks very cool -cant wait to see what the rest look like. I got the Darth Vader card.
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    You have to post a pix, because I haven't seen or heard of them.

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    Here's a picture of the card from the Preview's Website...
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    And they were available at the comic shops?

    I might have to hit one or two!


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