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    I love the base that the Vader comes with! Very clever and very good for dioramas.

    The Fett actually had some potential but when Hasbro needs to make a figure look carpy they actually mess it up. They should've just kept him as simple as in the cartoon but it looks like they went overboard on paint washes.
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    When it rains it pours. Love getting new pics.

    Initial takes
    CZ - Looks great
    Luke Jedi - not sure I'm concerned about the torso
    Umpass - the figure looks great but I don't see any knee articulation which makes him a permasquatter. Not bad considering that is how I would likely pose him but still.
    Holiday Fett - cool I like the staff
    Vader - I love the obi cloak base (I'm such a sucker)
    Biggs - I would have liked to see a cloak but still good to have
    Luke - meh I will be buying the figure for the vaporator it is supposed to come with
    Chewie - love it
    Elis - looks great hope he can sit
    Jawa w/ lin droid - totally awesome
    Stormtrooper - what I expected

    All in all really excited about these.
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    I hope they are early prototypes because they all look kind of messed up.

    What is the deal with the droid with the Jawa? It is the most absurdly out of scale figure ever!

    And where is Hermi Odle? Then again, if he is knee high to a Jawa maybe I don't want them to make him.

    And where is the Nightlilly (Onith) from the cantina?

    Does Umpass-Stay come with a drum?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Droid View Post
    What is the deal with the droid with the Jawa? It is the most absurdly out of scale figure ever!
    Do you mean too small? That's what I was thinking and your post prompted me to try and find a picture. This is all I could find.

    And where is the Nightlilly (Onith) from the cantina?
    I too thought she was supposed to be coming out along with a new Feltipern.
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    originally i was going to pass on Academy Biggs but it looks pretty good and i'll probably even pick up an extra or two since he'll make a good base for customs.

    Umpass Stay had better come with a drum or else he'll look silly in that pose with nothing to strike.

    Jedi Luke would probably look better if they didn't use that ROTS Ki Adi style overly large belt around him.

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    Wow. Jackpot. About time we saw some pics.

    Biggs- Looks great, even though there's no cloak. I'll definitely pick him up since I don't consider deleted scenes EU.

    Vader- I might pick him up. I like the base.

    Elis Helrot- Looks good

    Jawa w/ LIN Droid- Best. Jawa. Ever. The droid ain't too shabby either.

    Luke Skywalker (Tatooine)- Even with the wind-swept hair, it still looks better than the 2004 VOTC Luke.

    Umpass Stay- More Jabba's Palace aliens are always a good thing. I wonder if he'll come with a drum.

    Luke Jedi- That vest is removable, so it looks like he can also double as a Final Duel Luke. The only problem is he doesn't have his gloved hand.

    CZ-3- Finally! And are those articulated knees?

    I'll skip the McQuarrie Chewie and Holiday Special Boba, but they still look very good. Can't wait until Toy Fair. Maybe then we'll get to see Hermi Odle and Miyoom Oonith
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    A blast from the past:

    "Woah!!!" a la Joey Lawrence style.

    CZ, i'll be buying this one for sure. The Jedi Luke figure is up in the air. It depends on how good the figure looks. Umpass, definitely picking up. Holiday Fett, probably. Vader, possibly. Biggs, nice looking figure. A must buy. Luke, im not sure. Chewie, Yes! Elis, yep, my cantina needs more patrons. Jawa, yes he will fit in well with the Sandcrawler and other Jawas ive got. Stormtrooper, yes, possibly ten of them.
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    I'm excited. I'll wager Newsbot is, too.

    I will probably end up buying all of them except for Darth Vader, the Holiday Fett, and the concept Chewy.
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    Luke has a big bone!

    I just wonder if there is going to be anything left to announce at toy fair. This is kind of like finding out what you're getting for Christmas in August.

    The figs all look nice. I was going to try and stop collecting this year but it looks like it ain't gonna happen.


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