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    So far, it's an interesting group.

    James is no Donnie. Never will be. But the southern accent is a hoot.

    Jason and Da'vonne are already on my nerves. Hopefully, they will go out the door soon. Da blew the counting in the bedroom situation waaaaay out of proportion.

    Jace was more than a little surprised at his nomination. He is borderline obnoxious, but in a harmless way. If he stays in the house, he needs to tone it down.

    I predict the vote will be close tonight, like one or two HGs making a difference.

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    So I was wrong about Jace.

    Wasn't wrong about Da'Vonne. She burned waay too many bridges by calling people out and by calling a house meeting. I won't miss her.

    Audrey is the BB outcast for now. She was working it too hard, spreading rumors/BS. And you know, I kinda felt sorry for her at the end of the live show. She was ambling around the yard, talking to no one. It's of her own making, y'know. And will she be targeted again this week, or will the other HGs go after her when it's time?

    I have to give Da'Vonne credit for figuring the twin twist out. Let's see how much longer it can last.

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    Poor Johnny Mac. Fourth week in a row on the block. A professional pawn, he is. He's a goofy, likeable dude.

    What goodwill Audrey developed evaporated in a few days time. Have this sneaking suspicion that she's going to be back-doored.

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    Audrey has checked out of the game. She simply needs to go home.

    The Wackstreet Boys bit was humorous. Wearing pagers. I remember pagers.

    It's still early in the game, but every year there's at least one HG who says he/she doesn't like being there and wants to go home. What's stopping them? Other than the money, nothing. They can leave whenever they want.

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    Audrey's behavior over the last few days would merit her eviction. With how the show didn't show the HGs live at the very beginning and the following footage, I would've bet that Audrey had walked out.

    Johnny Mac hit the nail on the head during his exit interview: Audrey worked way too hard, talked too much to too many people, and it came to bite her in the butt.


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