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    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Malakite View Post
    If you mention Troy McClure in the technically dead, but not officially announced dead category you pretty much have to include Lyonel Huts as well.
    Don't forget the guy that sold Springfield the monorail as well.

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    "Monorail. Monorail!"

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    The Simpsons has to end. It's my worst fear come true: it's horrible and still on. There's no hope of a comeback, the damage is done and the show is beyond repair. The finale was truly one of the worst episode ever (except for SSM as a ydrant and KTK as a dog that was funny I guess) The whole season was completly unreamakable if not downright bad (except for the Chalm-Skin thing that was freakin' hilarious-I wish they could have worked that into a better overall episode) When I think of what the Simpsons was and what it has now become it makes me want to vomit in terror.
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    Test Your Simpsons Character Knowledge!!!

    I scored 56/63. Not too bad, considering I haven't watched the show in years.
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    Quote Originally Posted by UKWildcat View Post
    I scored 56/63. Not too bad, considering I haven't watched the show in years.
    I missed three... just couldn't remember those ones!
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    I got all 63. The thing that hung me up the most wasn't so much knowing the characters' names, but knowing how they were spelled.
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    I got 57, I couldnt remember a few names
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    Got them all.
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    I got 51. I haven't watched too much for a few years.
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    With 1:43 left, I got them all. I got hung up spelling Dr Nick's and Brandine's names, and I couldn't for the life of me remember Martin or Nelson by name until nearly all the others were done. I was really glad I pulled Eddie and Lou out of my ear. I had to backtrack my brain to get Kirk & Luann's names, I did "Milhouse... Van Houten... Kirk and Louanne" and quickly fixed Luann. I was super grateful they didn't use Comic Book Guy's real name.
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