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    Quote Originally Posted by Bel-Cam Jos View Post
    Will there be a spinoff with the characters as Suppets (Simpson Muppets)?
    Assuming you aren't asking that as a joke question, I doubt it. The Muppet portion was descent and I do think that they could expand upon it or one of the other non-cartoon animation formats (stop-motion, claymation, CGI, etc.) to make several possible interesting full 30 minute episodes. However, the Simpsons (regardless of format) are still going to be "the Simpsons" regardless of how you slice it. Changing the format is a "band-aid" at best. I don't think the novelty of the change would be enough to warrant a spin-off that in essence would, aside from the new format, be a retread of the animated characters/stories that many already feel have overstayed their time on TV.
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    The puppet bit will probably/hopefully go down in Simpsons history as one of those cool one time things, like the CG Bart and Homer (from an old Treehouse of Horror) and the Live-Action intro.
    There was a claymation bit somewhere too, IIRC.

    Was that that seriously an oral joke at the end with Moe and Katy (giggity) Perry?

    (or should I say )

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    I was joshin' about them as Suppets in a series. I, too, was a bit surprised by the Moe/Katie exchange.
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    I was wondering if any character would ever use the 'G' word, instead of euphemisms. It was a decent episode. Has Superintendent Chalmers always been first-named 'Greg'? (or was it Gary?) I did like how Moe's was built as Mo's then re-built back to Moe's, with commentary (and Moe's paintings of his previous bars).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bel-Cam Jos View Post
    Has Superintendent Chalmers always been first-named 'Greg'? (or was it Gary?)
    It's Gary.

    I thought it was a decent episode. They kind of rushed the Kristen Wig bit.
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    This one where Angry Dad: The Movie cleans up at awards time was pretty good. The little sign by the bar with Ricky Gervais's picture saying "Do Not Let This Man Host" was good. I usually like the CGI parts ("Mixar's clip, the psuedo-Wallace & Grommit, even the melancholy war cartoon, but didn't like the bleeding nose gag one), and this was no different. Mr. Carrothead, gangsta WALL-E; all funny.
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    The last couple of shows have had pretty good stories; Cheech and Chong actually made for a cool plot.
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    I set the DVR for last night's Simpsons, then as I flipped over the Fox and watched, I realized I'd seen it before. I guess I didn't recognize the summary blurb (Mr. Burns is gonna die, Bart's Sarah Silverman-voiced "girlfriend" character, Lisa blogs with FLOTUS).
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    Star Wars references in this week's new one, and even Homer said "no SW parodies." It wasn't too bad, but not as funny or insightful as recent episodes. Couch gag was a bit weird, but the chalkboard writing was timely (NCAA brackets).
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    the simpsons idea of a chaotic neighborhood "slice of life"theme set the standards of series we have nowadays . no offense to family guy american dad or king of the hill but some episodes they have were still "beneath the box" world the simpsons made..if you get what i mean..


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