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    New Galactic Heroes sets!

    Hasbro just announced four new Galactic Heroes 2-packs.

    Leia Boushh and Han Solo (Jabba's Palace) - I don't see a helmet for Leia or a Carbonite Block for Han.

    Luke and Vader Final Duel:

    Imperial Gunner and Royal Guard (the Royal Guard looks really cool):

    Walrusman and Snaggletooth (this set is my favorite):

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    Love these guys. Glad they got away from the one repack one new system they had there for a while.
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    I think that Royal Guard may be just enough for me to buy my first Galactic Heroes pack!! That little sucker is shweet!!!
    Up, up, and OKAAAAY!!!

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    I thought I'd stopped collecting these, but now I cannot wait to get my hands on Ponda and Snags - they are just too cool!
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    Yeah, I'm down for all of them. I'm still struggling to find The Empire Strikes Back sets - I have Luke & Lando, but can't find Leia Bespin or the Hoth Troops.

    Meanwhile, I'm making dioramas with these - like the idea in the cinema scenes - only I don't buy those as I have most of the figures they include.

    But I'll get to do a cantina diorama now!
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    That Royal Guard is just awesome. I definitely want a couple of him and it's a good thing that he's packed with another army-builder that I want two of also. Hopefully they continue to keep the army-builder figures together as much as possible (like they did with the Snowtrooper and Hoth Rebel).

    I'm not as interested in the Vader/Luke set, but I'll probably pick one up anyway. I'm assuming that Vader comes with a removable helmet, along with Boushh Leia, it's just not pictured. I'm pretty doubtful that Han will come with a Carbonite Block.

    The main sets that I am excited about, though, are the Cantina Aliens (I'm referring to the Hammerhead/Band Member set also). For some reason, it seems that the ANH aliens fit this format perfectly. Probably because the alien designs in the first film tended to be much simpler and more iconic, so they translate better as cartoons.

    Now we just need a Death Star Trooper, Death Star Droid, R5-D4 and Power Droid and we'll have all 21 original Star Wars figures in Galactic Heroes format.

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    Here's Hammerhead and Figrin D'an

    It seems that Hasbro is dropping the price of these little guys. The ones that are in stores now are listed as $6.99 on their site. These new sets are listed as $4.99!

    If their dropping the retail price, that probably means that the series is doing really well.

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    The series is doing well. I barely see the new ones out and it takes a while to restock them around here.

    These new sets are sweet and like Dindae, I am glad we are getting 2 newbies in each pack. The Cantina patrons are sweet and I never thought we would see them. There was a cantina ten pack on a list somewhere, I am thinking we will be getting a new GH 10 pack for that one.
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    Man these are sweet. I can't wait to make them part of my collection! Liea in Boussh disguise looks great. I wonder if we'll get a Jabba somewhere down the line?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kidhuman View Post
    There was a cantina ten pack on a list somewhere, I am thinking we will be getting a new GH 10 pack for that one.
    I kind of wonder if five of those 10 figures would be the complete Modal Nodes band. If you look at the Figrin D'an figure, it appears that both of his arms are separate pieces. So it looks like Hasbro has given some thought to repacking him with a different instrument.

    Worst case scenario: half of the Cantina 10-pack is taken up with the Cantina Band, four more of those slots go to repacks of Greedo, Hammerhead, Walrusman and Snaggletooth. That just leaves room for one new figure and if we assume it won't be just a repack of a Luke, Ben, Chewie or Han; then it leaves open all kinds of possibilities.

    Actually, worst worst case scenario would be:
    1. Luke
    2. Ben
    3. Han
    4. Chewie
    5. Greedo
    6. Walrusman
    7. Hammerhead
    8. Snaggletooth
    9. Figrin D'an
    10. Sandtrooper (white pauldron)

    That kind of fits more in line with what we've seen from the GH multipacks. So I wouldn't necessarily get my hopes up for 10 all-new Cantina figures.


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