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Thread: Star Wars RPG

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    Star Wars RPG

    is there anywhere that you can see anything about the
    StarWars RPG. whats it going to be about, who are the
    main characters, will it be traditional characters or made up
    characters. will it follow the main storyline or will it be
    a completely different story? will it be an online game or
    just one player? many questions few answers.
    if anyone knows anything about this please share your
    watasi wa Sith Lord no Darth Aru desu

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    i'm not really familiar with the RGP genre. is the dreamcast game shenmu considered a RPG? is the star wars galaxy game going to be an advanced online version of a game like shenmu?

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    Derek, try researching the game Everquest. From everything I have read, the online SW game should be similar to that type of RPG. Believe it or not there are different types. I prefer the Final Fantasy type. I don't consider Shenmue a RPG, more of an interactive movie.

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    thank you all for replying but the I`m looking
    for information about Star Wars RPG for Playstation 2
    not for the comp. when I said online I ment online for the PS2
    thanx anyway but if anyone knows anything about Star Wars
    RPG for PS2
    watasi wa Sith Lord no Darth Aru desu

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    I haven't heard anything about a online Star Wars game coming to PS2. Care to elablorate?

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    I don`t know if it will be an online game. I know there is a Star Wars RPG in the works for PS2, I was curious if it will be an online RPG. I cannot find any info on the game itself.
    watasi wa Sith Lord no Darth Aru desu

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    Unless this is breaking news of an unannounced game, your thinking of the RPG Star Wars game, "Galaxies". It will be on the PC. There is no Star Wars RPG currently in the works for the PS2.

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    check under playstation2 release dates there is an estimated release timeframe for StarWars RPG in 2002
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    watasi wa Sith Lord no Darth Aru desu

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    Well I'll be!!

    They must be porting it to the Ps2 right after it's released for the pc. Most of the info that's for the pc version would still apply to the ps2 version too so I'd go ahead and give the link I gave you a looksee. The game lloks really good but I'm not a big fan of games that make you continuosly pay to play.


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