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    Lord of the Rings

    I've been noticing lately the similarities between the new AOTC figures and the AWESOME LOTR figures that have been around for months. I collect both SW and LOTR figures (as well as the Simpsons, and Vintage SW, Transformers and MOTU) so I appreciate many different aspects of action figures and there are some similarities between the two that I think could turn out for the better. Keep in mind though, that I have yet to see the new SW figures in person so this is just a working theory.

    Action poses: The LOTR figures are posed in a variety of action poses but not so much so that they detract from the aesthetics of displaing the figures. I mean, even though they're super-articulated in most cases, there's really only one way to pose figures like Gandalf, Saruman, the Nazgul, Boromir, etc... Some, like Legolas, are more veratile in their posability, but the action poses of these figures would make them pretty much incompatable if there were any vehicles for the line (thank God there isn't). With the exception of Padme, all the new AOTC figures seem to have the LOTR stlye of action poses, not too overpowering, but not too static like, say, the vintage SW figures (not that I don't like neutral poses) As far as displayability goes, I think the AOTC figures will be just fine and I really don't care if Shaak Ti won't fit in to my Milenium Falcon cockpit, neither will Tatooine Showdown Maul.

    Action Features: Most of the LOTR figures also have action features of some sort like Sword swinging of Bow firing. These features also don't really affect the posabitily of the figures as most of them are still able to function if the joints are moved. (like the POTF Tauntauns) The action features on the new AOTC figures are also similar but it remains to be seen if they are as durable as the LOTR figures. Like the LOTR figures, the action features of the AOTC figures don't seem to affect the appearance of the figures either. (except for Anakin's monster sabre hilt)

    Realscan: Many LOTR figures look EXACTLY like the actors that played them in the movie. Saruman, Boromir, Mery and Pippin and the yet-to-be-released Elrond are incredible. The larger scale of the LOTR figures makes the realscan more "real" I think. Although the AOTC figures used realscan, I have yet to see them in person to say that it worked as well for them. The smaller scale will undoubtedly be a hinderence to detail but they still should look pretty acurate, unlike those atrocities produced in 95. The smaller scale though is essential for the AOTC figures though, it is reason I started to collect SW figures years ago: the scale continuity with the vintage line.

    Accesories: The LOTR figues are jampacked with accesories in many cases and the AOTC figures seem to be as well. If you don't want to display all the accesories, you can simply put them away but I'd take them over comtech chips any day.

    FOTR was an awesome movie and the next two will be even better I'm sure. The figures bring the movie and the books home. As much as I love the story of LOTR, however, the look of the Original Star Wars Trilogy is unsurpassed. AOTC looks as if it will bridge the gap betwen TPM and the OT. I think that the AOTC figures will complement what I am ever-increasingly sure will be an awesome movie, maybe even on par with, or surpassing ESB. The darkness of the next two prequels will, I think, complete the saga and will redeem many aspects of TPM that people didn't like.
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    I bought a few of the LOTR toys and I really liked their poses and action features. Even though I despise those exact same features in th Ep2 line.

    Just like I love the 30-points of articulation on the Spider-Man figures; but wouldn't want to see the same for Star Wars toys.

    Each line brings different expectations for me, for Star Wars consistency with the vintage line and compatability with the vehicles/accessories is key.
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    I like compatability where it makes sense like Chewie not fitting in the falcon cockpit was terrible, however, even in the vintage line, not all the figures were compatible with the vehicles. I can never seem to get my vintage Gammorean Guard or Amanaman or FX-7 into the Falcon's cockpit either. I know they're toys but if kids can pretend that Amanaman flew the falcon, then they can pretend him into it. The same goes for the AOTC figures. When I was a kid I used to play with all kinds of unarticulated toys like those big cheap hard rubber dinosaur-like monsters they used to make in the 80's and I had a blast. He-Man used to ride on my dewback and I had a 12 inch lone-ranger figure that used to fly my friend's millenium falcon around my backyard. My point is that most kids don't need everything to "fit" they can imagine. Since I rarely ever have time to play with my toys anymore (although I must admit I still have the urge to do so from time to time) displaying my figures is what counts for me and as long as they don't make every single figure with action features and outrageous poses, I actually enjoy having some of those kinds of figures around. (like the Final Jedi Duel CS, and the Tatooine Shwdown CS, and yes, even the occaisional single carded figure in an equally outrageous pose as the above-mentioned figures).
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    The LOTR figures do look pretty good, but the only one I'm going to pick up is Saruman the White. Just loved Christopher Lee in that movie, really shows that an old guy like him can still be evil. Can't wait to see him in E2. LOTR's has my blood pumping for that movie even more.

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    I saw the figures for the Two Towers and I can say they are 100% better than the EP2 stuff we getting
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    Phantom Menace WILL NOT be redeemed

    I agree with much of what you said about the action features. These don't bother me much. I even appreciate the retro attempt at Anakin's saber.

    But what I do take issue with is the statement about the next two films somehow redeeming the Phantom Menace. Sorry --- this will NEVER happen in my book. I don't care if the next film makes ESB look like Barney Big Day Out. The films are seperate entities and shall be treated as such. The best I can hope for is that Phantom Menace will always be just that -- an irritating blight menacing a series of otherwise outstanding films. Seriously, I can't even watch this cinematic disaster -- which sucks because I have it on DVD and my VCR is shot -- so it's the only one I'm actually able watch. And It's damn depressing. So much time and effort, just wasted by a horrendous script, uninspired direction and a maudlin storyline that just drags.

    I don't care if ATOC is the Gone with the Wind of Star Wars Films, it can't make Phantom into a quality film. It simply can't be done. Sorry. That's just beyond redemption. Sorry to get off the subject here, but I just saw LOR and was totally bummed out by it. It's such a superior film. And it's what I thought TPM would be. It's what could have been. What should have been. Even now, years later, I remain bitterly disappointed.

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    Originally posted by GNT
    I saw the figures for the Two Towers and I can say they are 100% better than the EP2 stuff we getting
    *Where* did you see the figures for The Two Towers GNT? Up until recenty no one even knew what the next assortment of FOTR figures was going to be, much less the figures from next December. I'm just curious because I've been looking all around for info on the next wave of LOTR toys and it's been hard to find anything concrete about them.
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    There was a liknk over at that led to the images of the TTT figures and they look awesome. There was, 10 of them at least (there may have been more but the links stopped working after 10) They were, as I remember: Faramir, Theoden, Wormtongue, Grisknak, Warrior of Gondor, Easterling, Wild Man of Dunland, a new Legolas, Eomer, and Rohirrim. That movie is going to RULE!!
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    UGH! I can't believe I missed that. I'm totlaly stoked about all the upcoming LOTR figs, they're about the ONLY good thing to come from Toy Biz in a while.

    Well, except all of the new Spiderman figures... hmm, maybe they've finally figured out how to make toys.
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    I see where you're coming from Bosskman. Kids do have an incredible ability to jump beyond size and other limitations with their imaginations. However, I still don't agree with the direction Hasbro is going in. Granted, the LOTR figs look better in some poses than they do in others, but they still appear more mobile than their AOTC counterparts. Their rigidity seems almost too limiting of a childs ability too leap beyond that kind of thing.

    I look at toy shelves today and I feel sorry for kids. Where are all the cool toys I grew up with? I rarely see anything that immediately leaps out at me and makes me think "Wow! I could have a lot of fun with that!" Hasbro has an opportunity to change this. If they looked back at what was done with the original line and combined that with all these new sculpting techniques, that would be one Hell of a toy line. Still I'm going to keep an open mind till April 22nd. At least they're relaunching He-Man and GI Joe....

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