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    I had a dream Friday night that Cappy is a bad father.

    I'm not sure where I was in the dream but I think that I was at some sort of place of business since there were people milling around an office...and I soon saw this little toddler wandering around on the floor. "That looks like Cappy's little Hayden," I said to myself, apparently because in the context of the dream I must have met Caps before (for the record we have not met in real life). So I scooped up this baby and he had a cell phone on him, turned out it was Caps' blower. I started looking through it for numbers and I found Cappy's so I called him to tell him I found (one of his twin) kid(s). Of course, I got his voicemail so I said to him "hey Adam this is Tony, I found your baby. Call me back" He didn't holla back right away, so I took the child home with me to try and keep an eye on him til I heard back from his old man. HE DIDN'T CALL BACK UNTIL THE NEXT DAY. When he did, man I sure gave him a hard time because it seemed like he was out drinking with a bunch of friends and I was livid. But not as ticked as I was when I then asked "are you gonna come pick him up?" and I was answered with, "can you bring him over here?" No, I could not because I didn't have any kind of child seat for the young lad to travel in. That would not be safe, nor is it my responsibility. So after I told him this, I got the most salty in the dream when he then said "Can't I just pick him up tomorrow?" Holy man, I was wild at the thought of having to babysit a missing child after his parent learned of his whereabouts and couldn't be bothered to come get him right away.

    I'm not sure where Hayden's Twin Bean was, maybe safe and sound with Mrs. Solo (???) but then again she was nowhere to be found, either, so I suppose she is complicit in all of this as well.

    Maybe if the Dream-World Mrs. Caps would keep her husband on a leash, the Dream-World Cappy wouldn't be such a lousy father.

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    "Hey Ace"

    "Yea, Dan?"

    "You're a weird guy.....weird guy!"
    You'll be sorry, Pee-Wee Herman!

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    It wasnt a dream, it was reality
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    That's far better than any of those dreams that Tycho has!
    Up, up, and OKAAAAY!!!

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    Anyone find it odd that Caeser had a dream about Cappy and it didn't involve hardcore nudity?

    I do.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Slicker View Post
    That's far better than any of those dreams that Tycho has!
    Hey excuse me! I had an ingestion-by-a-great-white-shark-dream!

    Meanwhile, that was a good piece of writing work there, Caesar!

    I think it's interesting when people remember their dreams and write stories about them. It certainly beats much of reality.
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    Hay Caesar, its time for you to lay off of the........ well I don't know what but something you're eating/doing/drinking is giving you funky dreams and you need to cut it out of your diet!

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    Surgeon Generals Warning: Eating Slicker's Mom before bed can cause hallucinations, night mares, herpes, dry mouth and dreams about her grandkids.
    Up, up, and OKAAAAY!!!

  9. #9 the....huh?

    That's quite the dream, Caes. I'm not nearly that bad of a parent. I'll plop one in the Exersaucer and one in the swing for 10 minutes so I can get in a couple "Guitar Hero" songs, but leaving them to roam free? Not quite. At least H-Christ had a celly.

    I can't wait for Mrs. Solo to read this. She's gonna make a "why-did-he-dream-something-like-that-and-are-you-that-bad-of-a-father?!" face.

    BTW, how much do I owe you for watching the little tyke? Can I pay you in leftover beer?
    It's a blacked-out blur but I'm pretty sure it ruled.

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    No. Give him unsold "Bears SuperBowl 41 champion" merchandise.
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