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    Who's Running Windows Vista

    I am I am!

    I love the new OS!

    The upgrade went smoothly and I have only had one real problem...iTunes. I had to download a repair tool to get iTunes to work right, but other than that everything has gone well.

    The new OS runs well and allows for much better multi-tasking as opposed to the slow performance I had when running multiple programs on XP including the lock-ups and restarts, Vista runs much better.

    For those of you who plan on upgrading there are a lot of new and fun features including Media Center in the Home Premium and Ultimate editions. Also, if you decide to buy a lower end version on the OS you can easily upgrade to a higher end version, as all discs come with the full version (Ultimate) all you have to do is contact Microsoft and purchase a new Registration key and you can "unlock" the additional features.

    Great new functions in Vista Home Premium include:

    Windows Media Center
    Drive Back-up with scheduled back-ups
    Flip 3-D
    DVD Authoring/Burning
    More stable OS
    Multi-tasking efficiency
    Improved Search function
    Better Organization for files
    Built-in photo editing
    Windows Calendar
    Virtual Curator (Photo Gallery Manager)
    Windows Media Player 11

    I love Windows Vista!

    Is Vista right for you? It's hard to say for sure. You can go to the microsoft website and download a program to analyze your system to see how well Vista will run on your computer.

    I installed Vista Home Premium on my Toshiba Laptop, I upgrade my laptop to 2GB of DDR2 RAM. Also Vista has a program that allows you to install a flash USB drive and use it to improve performance. I currently have a 1GB Imation USB drive that Vista uses as a "scratch pad" when the drive is detected by Vista it asks if you want to use it for "Speed Boost" and it seems to work very well.

    During the installation I had backed up all my files before I installed Vista, but to my amazement Vista saved all my settings, bookmarks (even in Firefox) music, photos, documents...everything without so much as a hiccup! It was hands down the best OS install/Upgrade I have ever experienced!

    There were a couple of programs (Norton Firewall & Antivirus) that had to be deinstalled before the upgrade, but Vista scanned my system during the upgrade and told me what I had to de-install before upgrading. Norton can be re-installed after upgrades are complete.

    I was also one of the first people to upgrade to XP when it first came out. It was a horrible experience! So why did I risk it this time with Vista. Well, I am leaving in less than a month for Afghanistan and wanted to get the new OS before I left. I have to say I was VERY pleased with the entire process!

    So who's upgraded, or planning to upgrade? Which version will you get?
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    So you can do this without buying the product from the store? Yes, I'm not computer savvy.
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    How long until Microsoft works out all the inevitable major security flaws? They love their flaws, y'know.
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    I'm waiting this one out. I don't know anyone running Vista who isn't having problems. There again that may be because a lot of people over here are using the newly cracked download bootleg because it costs so freakin much! grrrrrrr

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    I'm waiting too. It's good to hear that the Home Premium version comes with Media Center though; thought I'd have to spring for the Ultimate to keep that feature.
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    Yea, I saw a news flash on the bottom line of G4 earlier saying if you had iTunes to hold off for a little while until a patch is made.
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    maybe someday bill gates will get the guys at apple to design him an operating system and then pc users will get a chance to see how easy to use and secure a computer could be.

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    [rant]grrr apple. seekers of world dominance by lawsuit. considering how they just won that court battle with the beatles apple company and now control the use of the word 'apple' I'm surprised they're attempting to gain control over the name of the fruit too. though that wouldn't surprise me at all.[/rant]

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    While that's true, keep in mind that Bill Gates did first rip off MS-DOS from another company, then ripped off Windows from Apple.

    Pretty much everything Microsoft's done is a total infringement upon someone's patent or trademark. That's why he's doing so much charity, hoping maybe God will forget what a lying, cheating SOB he is.
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    I've heard some pretty iffy things about Vista, personally I'm not going to bother at this time.


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