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    Imperial Landing Craft

    Has anybody here bought this set yet? I was considering picking this one up, even though I haven't bought a LEGO set since the small Slave I six or seven years back. The ship and troopers look very cool, but I was wondering if anyone here had purchased it and had anything to say about it before I drop fifty bucks for it.

    Thanks in advance...


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    Havent purchased it but have been thinking about doing it. I wanna get the AT-ST first and the Sail Barge before this one though.
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    I bought it back in Dec and still haven't opened it (I need to get my desk space cleared off first so I have a place to put it). I didn't get it because of the Stormies since I have tons from the Final Duel clearance at KB, but more as a cool companion piece to the Imp Shuttle.

    I don't know about getting it at $50. It doesn't seem that it's worth paying that much for it (I'm sort of a tight wad when it comes right down to it) but I got it because I had a 20% off deal at TRU. I'd wait for a sale, like the 10-20% off ones Shopko seems to frequently have.
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    I've been back and forth and the concept of buying this set. I loved the ship since I saw it in the SE and since it's like a sister ship to the shuttle would love to add this to my collection, I just wish it was a little cheaper like $35.00 instead of the heafty $50.
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    I've been waiting for a sale to get this and the Y-wing, both sets seem "sorta nifty" but at the same time like 20% overpriced for what they should be. 10% off wouldn't be as good for BOGO with them, $9 vs $20.
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    I've been on somewhat of a Lego Star Wars buying streak, but I'm holding off on this one in the hopes I get it for Christmas. I waited for the B-Wing and A-Wing this last year and Toys R Us had an awesome sale in December. You never know you might get it for cheaper than 50 bucks!

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    I haven't got it yet, but in less then two weeks I get my bonus check from Wal-Mart, so I will be on a bit of a spending spree then.
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    Haha, I remember the days of the "Bonus Check". It was one of the only reasons to work there.


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