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    How come people are articulate and can communicate here vs. MySpace?

    Ever go on MySpace and there are people posting (of all ages - but alarmingly noticeable are older folks in their 40's or so) who cannot spell, punctuate, or effectively say whatever it is they mean?

    Come over here, or on the Transformers website I post at, and people write complete sentences, we usually spell things correctly, and can punctuate sentences. While that might've been boring in grammar school, it makes us all look intelligent here.

    I know that on MySpace you have a lot more users:

    • Some are non-native English speakers who might not even come from English speaking backgrounds
    • Many are youngsters who just haven't had enough grammar school classes yet or had it drillled into them how important it is to be able to express themselves in text

    But what is the excuse for 40 year plus adults who can't communicate and are trying to establish themselves as having some political wisdom or knowing something about religion they want to influence everyone else with?

    Seriously, it looks like the dumb typing for the dumb.
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    I've noticed this too but have tried to ignore it. I rarely if ever post on the site and maybe have a new blog entry every now and then. I can't even remember the last time I logged in to the site. However, I recently recieved an email from one of my friends stating that someone learned my password and started posting all kinds of crap in my name.
    Basically I had to change my password but now the system doesn't recognize the new password at times and denies me access to my own page.
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    I'm on a couple of other forums and that utterly grinds me. They'll make an entire Tychoesque post but it'll be one big f-ing sentence with no punctuation. They then get upset because you don't get what the hell they're saying.

    I swear that 90% of my posts on one site is simply quoting a person and fixing there spelling and grammar.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Slicker View Post
    I swear that 90% of my posts on one site is simply quoting a person and fixing their spelling and grammar.
    Sorry, couldn't resist.

    I hate forumites (none here, thankfully) who do nothing but jump into a conversation, insult someone in a very juvenile manner, and then end the post with something like "buuuuuuuuuuuurn, got u good!" And those idiots who have to post in weird styles, like all green with reverse capitalization, and have nothing to say except ridiculous claims about what they've done with your mom (or dad).
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    Yeah, I go to plenty of forums where you see that. I mean, does it really save you time to type "h8" "u" and "wuz?" Jesus...
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    Quote Originally Posted by El Chuxter View Post
    Sorry, couldn't resist.
    Sonuvabi**h! At least everyone else on the other forums is too stupid to realize something like that...

    Quote Originally Posted by QLD View Post
    Yeah, I go to plenty of forums where you see that. I mean, does it really save you time to type "h8" "u" and "wuz?" Jesus...
    It would honestly take me longer since I'm not good at all with typing numbers without looking and to wuz I actually had to think about it. Usually when I type I don't think about typing the word, it just flows.

    Another thing is when people type in that ignorant ebonics. I can't even speak like that let alone type like that.
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    I notice it most on IM exchanges- most of the folks I "speak" to, they type like they talk, and I do the same- I actually use words and pace them according to message, and try to use words that are prety much "common useage"....

    Oddly, some folks have insanely erratic patterns which have NO PLACE in actual discussion, and as such are nearly impossible to communicate with.

    And as for myspace, I sort of immediately HATE any page with any "jargon" on it and discount the user as a poser at the LEAST... I'm all for individuality, to be sure, but having to have your own "language" (actually more accurately "retarded subset of a perfectly good language") to distinguish you from everyone else, you're just plain trying TOO hard to suck, in my view at least :ducks: Isobaws&
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    I find myself very nit-picky when typing in either IM's or on forums. I try to put that English I took in school to some good use if I can.
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    who r u callin r tick u lit?

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    U all suk. l8r 2 u all
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