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    Exclamation celebration iv

    does anyone know anything about the celebration four next year the anniversary? if so just let know.

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    I know it should be a blast!
    You'll be sorry, Pee-Wee Herman!

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    Only thing I've seen about it is that LucasFilm/Piazo wants to hire a professional events planner who do things on the scale of movie premiers and the like. So until that person gets installed, there shouldn't be too much info out there yet.
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    I didn't think Paizo had anything to do with the fan club anymore. The latest Star Wars Insider magazine says that Lucasfilm and Gen Con LLC will be the hosts for the 5-day event, Thursday, May 24 through Monday, May 28. First day only open to Hyperspace members. Since the magazine is usually a bit behind the news, I figure somene else must have more up-to-date info. I doubt I can really afford to go, but I am looking into it to see how much it might cost. I've never been to a sci-fi convention before, so it might be kind of interesting to check it out and see a lot of interesting Star Wars stuff. Plus, it would be cool to meet a few SSGers in person. It might be something I'll have to put off to another year. I'm planning on getting a new computer soon. My car is 16 years old, so I might need to plan on getting a new one in the not too distant future, while still having enough left over to put into my IRA.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jedimastergeorge06 View Post
    does anyone know anything about the celebration four next year the anniversary? if so just let know.
    There was no celebration. I can't explain it. I heard of it, a thread was given birth. And I didn't come here to close threads, but...

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    Is that an impending merge I smell?
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    Quote Originally Posted by El Chuxter View Post
    Is that an impending merge I smell?
    No, I just farted.
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