Wasn't sure whether to post this in TV or Music.

It's still on, and, as normal, going through various ups and downs.

The Dixie Chicks appear to be sweeping things, which is unfortunate since this album wasn't their best by a long shot. It's all "hey, you hate Bush too" going on in the voting. :roll:

Most of the musical performances are pretty "meh." The best so far was Christina Aguilera performing James Brown's "It's a Man's World." The girl has come light years beyond her contemporaries, and she has some impressive pipes.

I'd never heard John Legend, and never heard of Corrine Bailey Ray, but their little trio with John Mayer was a close second. Quite impressive on all three counts.

This was the first time I've heard Gnarls Barkley; aside from seeing some complaints here about them, I'd never even heard of them. I actually rather dug it. Stupid name, and the Idi Amin getup was retarded, but the guy had a damned good soul voice.

The Police, well, I expected a letdown, and I was disappointed even there. They should've all stayed in bed this morning. I don't care what kind of big deal people make about them, the fact remains that it was Sting and his backing band. A good backing band, admittedly, but not in the same league as Sting himself.

The tribute to the Eagles sucked super-hard. When will people realize that they were a rock band? Country acts can get away with covering some of their early stuff, but when they try stuff like "Hotel California" or "Life in the Fast Lane" (anything after Joe Walsh joined, basically), it's a train wreck.

Carrie Underwood took home Best New Artist, so maybe she'll fade away now. I hate all the interchangeable so-called country acts, and she's among the most nondescript.

It's back....