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    Saesee Tiin's astromech droid

    I've been waiting about three years now for a fighter for my Clone Wars Saesee Tiin pilot figure, and you came through this year with a great ship for one of my favorite non-human Jedi characters. This was a great figure and the ship should complement him perfectly! (I do not have the ship yet, only recently having ordered it from EE.)

    Anyway, you've given us astro droids for all the Jedi starfighters, except for Master Tiin's, as well as Vader's droid to go with his black Sith starfighter. Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Mace all have their own droids. Why not go ahead and release Saesee Tiin's droid, too? With the fighter out now, and the usual high demand for astromechs, this seems like a no-brainer for a sure sell.

    While you're at it, you might consider rereleasing the pilot Saesee Tiin again, as well... this is not a figure that warmed pegs during the Clone Wars line, if I remember correctly.

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    you do realize that the astromech figures don't fit into the slot on the JSF's, right?
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    Of course! But I display my Starfighters, with their companion Jedi and astromechs, loose on the shelf. So it doesn't matter to me, really, if the droids don't fit into the slot (although it would make sense). Besides, that hasn't stopped Hasbro from making these droids before, has it?

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    I'd agree with wanting to get this droid. I too do not have the Tiin JSF, yt. But I'll get it for sure and would like to have the companion Astromech for it.
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    I'd buy any droid. I'd even buy Jerry Garcia's tie-dyed astromech.
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    Kit Fisto's Astrodroid too. And R4-P44 [the bottle green variant of R4-P17] who is an ARC-170 droid.

    Actually, I could rattle off a list of astro droids they could do. companion to starfighter ships. I'm sure hasbro has them on a list somewhere too.

    the reason Mace and Anakin and Obi get their droids is that they are core characters. naturally they'd get first go. background and incidental droids get pushed into stuff like the entertainment earth droid sets or they have to wait for a scene specific wave.


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