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    First look at the new Clone Wars 'toon

    Not much, but I saw this on

    Looks like it's coming in '08 (a year later than initially reported?) and Yoda, at least, is based on the Tartakovsky design.
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    Yeah... they used that on some signwork at Toy Fair as well. At least they aren't trying to render everything in a way that makes it look TOO realistic.
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    I love it.

    I'm a big fan of stylized CG animation. I'm not all that impressed with "photorealism" in CG, because once you achieve "reality," what do you do next?
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    Oh, um, I just realized I put this in the wrong "TV" forum.

    Can someone with the proper jurisdiction move this thread and delete this post?
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    awesome! i was afraid they wouldn't keep the CW animated designs from the previous series.

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    That sequence of Anakin jumping STAPs disturbed me. The rest seemed more probable and less cartoony. One thing is for sure, with the AT-TE scenes, our prospects of getting a toy of this vehicle as well as the V-19 Clone fighter just tremendously improved!

    Anyway, a lot of the characters look good, too. Dooku did not however. And the shot of Palpatine was sort of from far away, so I don't know what to think. Great to see Ventress back! Durge (if in this) could be cool as well.
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    i wasn't expecting much but the preview was great! they featured that Togruta padawan so prominently in the poster but there's no footage whatsoever of her here.

    Anakin jumping STAPS is still better than Yoda and Mace taking out 100's of battle droids by themselves

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    Quote Originally Posted by figrin bran View Post
    Anakin jumping STAPS is still better than Yoda and Mace taking out 100's of battle droids by themselves
    Agreed. Jumping from STAP to STAP didn't seem too bad. No different than the big leap Obi-Wan made to get back to the walkway that Maul and Qui-Gon were fighting on. At least this looks like they are trying to make the movement more realistic than the previous Clone Wars cartoons.

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    Hopefully the AT-TE appearing will translate into Hasbro making us it in plastic 3 3/4" form
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