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    First look at the new Clone Wars 'toon

    Not much, but I saw this on

    Looks like it's coming in '08 (a year later than initially reported?) and Yoda, at least, is based on the Tartakovsky design.
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    Yeah... they used that on some signwork at Toy Fair as well. At least they aren't trying to render everything in a way that makes it look TOO realistic.
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    I love it.

    I'm a big fan of stylized CG animation. I'm not all that impressed with "photorealism" in CG, because once you achieve "reality," what do you do next?
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    Oh, um, I just realized I put this in the wrong "TV" forum.

    Can someone with the proper jurisdiction move this thread and delete this post?
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    awesome! i was afraid they wouldn't keep the CW animated designs from the previous series.

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    I don't care for the realism shading on top of Genndy's designs, if it's not Genndy directing/producing it, they should do their own thing.
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    Me, I think Genndy should be directing them. The guy's done better with SW recently than Lucas, so why not just hand it over to him?
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    I hate bendy broflovski's style. It's like 1950's minimalist avant garde cartoons with the edges smoothed.

    I'd like to see what other artists/directors would have done. Like Jhonen Vasquez or John Lasseter. Maybe even Tim Burton.

    Lucas Marangon who drew the Tag and Bink stories for Dark Horse comics is also one of my favourite contenders. Style wise.

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    Genndy is terrible and should be blacklisted from Star Wars.

    I was hoping Yoda would be based on the TPM design.


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